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ICME: Know It All Napkins At Local Eatery

There’s nothing I hate more than a napkin that makes me feel stupid. As luck would have it I’m a little smarter than your average napkin so this rarely an issue. However, the napkins at Don Antonio’s on Pico are not your average napkins, just take a look:


I found that napkin to be full of difficult questions and I’m something of a savant for trivia (I knew 3 of the 7 questions shown). The other side of the napkin was a little easier thanks to the Bullwinkle question but the remaining napkins on the table were even harder. I enjoyed the carnitas but the next time I go to Don Antonio’s I’m asking them to hold the know it all napkins.

Answers to the questions on the smarty pants napkin after the jump, I hope you do better than I did; no cheating.

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