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Because It’s Not Everyday You See Kent Twitchell Working Out There

Coming back from the Hollywood Home Depot yesterday afternoon, my wife Susan and I opted for surface streets back to Silver Lake instead of the backed-up southbound 101, and boy am I glad we did. Heading east on Fountain I looked south as we passed Kingsley Drive to find none other than renowned and prolific muralist Kent Twitchell doing some touch-up refreshment work to his 1971 Strother Martin Monument mural. With Susan understanding my OMG as we went around the block to pull up across the street from him, I got out and went pretty much total fanboy, interrupting him apologetically to gush about what an honor it was for me to see him in action, and get a picture of him:

Twitchell At Work

I asked him if there was any hope of restoring the Ed Ruscha mural that had been despicably painted out in 2006 (and for which he ultimately settled a lawsuit in 2008 for a reported $1.1 million). He said he hoped for its return but that it would be put up in a different location.

The one mural of his also unceremoniously destroyed whose return I’ve long hoped for is his two-story cool-as-ice-blue Steve McQueen Monument, painted the same year as the one above.

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It Caught My Retina: New Retna/Mac Mural Up

Ya know, one of these days I’m going to quit just lazily thinking about doing it and put on my walking shoes for an extended excursion along Jefferson Boulevard from Figueroa out to the top of the soon to open Baldwin Hills State Park — in large part because the thoroughfare (that I regularly traverse on my bike commutes to/from work) courses through enriching and eclectic communities, and is absolutely full of awesome, such as this very new east-facing mural (click to biggify) from street artists Retna and The Mac that I found Friday morning at Chesapeake Avenue (pinpoint map):


Deciphering the installation’s highly stylized text takes some doing for this noob. So far I’ve found the words “barrio,” “brother,” and “love.” Can you make out any others?