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Los Angeles Plays Itself: Mulholland Drive

Our Los Angeles Plays Itself series is winding down to a close, and what better way to end things than with lesbians?  You can thank David Lynch and David Lynch’s pompadour.  I will actually encourage you to stop reading if you haven’t already seen Mulholland Drive, because 1) you must and 2) you must do so without reading any commentary or analysis of the film, or as little as humanly possible.  Instead, to make reading this far worth your while, let us go back to February 4, 2010 and recall the weather report, as announced by Mr. Lynch himself.  He was doing these weather reports for quite some time, along with a Thought of the Day (often that thought was: “Coffee.” or “Warm.  Coffee.”) that aired on the now-defunct Indie 103.1.  This is David Lynch.  Quirky, brilliant, and that hair.  For those who have seen the film, I’ll see you again after the jump.


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Driving Mulholland With David Lynch

IMG_1700My theory is that, like Halloween, one is either a fan of David Lynch‘s films or not.  I am.  Recently, I watched Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive” for the second time, and the first time since moving to the Los Angeles area.  It was quite eye-opening.

As for the film itself, I understood more the second time around.  “Mulholland Drive” simply cannot be viewed only once (unless you are in the category of unfortunate people who don’t like David Lynch films, in which case once is probably too much).  But then I did some research, and found out some really interesting things.  Since I rented and do not own the dvd, I did not know that Lynch inserted ten clues to watching the movie inside the back cover of the dvd box.
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Songs About Los Angeles: “Electrolite” by R.E.M.

It was somewhere between 1983 and 1984 that I discovered R.E.M. I was about 13 years old and in my bedroom near Houston. Surrounded by walls plastered with posters of Duran Duran and The Police, I discovered a college radio station in nearby Pasadena. I don’t remember exactly what song I heard first, but I loved this sound, which was different from other music I listened to at the time. I soon got to meet the college going niece of a family friend. She was so cool and trendy and I was in awe. She had several albums with her for her visit and helped me copy her R.E.M. albums onto cassette tapes. Awesome! I carried R.E.M. with me through high school and onto college, where I got my roommate into them. I have many memories tied to the band and consider them one of my very favorites to this day.

By the time R.E.M.’s tenth studio album, New Adventures in Hi-Fi, was released in 1996, I’d been living in L.A. for a couple of years. At the time, I thought the album was just okay. I was still pretty stuck on their first four albums and didn’t love the newer songs as much. As is often the case, the work has grown on me and I like many of the tracks a lot, especially “Electrolite,” which is to my ears, sort of a love song.

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