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Free Party, Movie and a chance to win a new Focus

2009 Ford Focus at Julys Press Drive

MTVu and Ford’s College You Drive teamed up for a Tuesday night “red carpet style” in Westwood near UCLA.  Pretty simple deal, show up register, take part in the fun on the red carpet, check out the new Sync System, have some fun.  The registration is gratis and is your ticket to win a new Ford Focus.  Your evening ends with a private screening of “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”.

This is event is tied in with a contest held earlier this year as part of the MTVu and Ford College You Drive series.  A group of college students from across the country won a trip to LA that included invitations to the “Max Payne” premier and party tonight.  I’d be curious to get their thoughts on the movie.  More so I’d like to find out what being in LA is like for those who are here for their first time ever compared to the image they had in their head.  (Hint…can someone get me in?). 

Details: Tuesday 10/13 6:15PM – 10PM, 1013 Broxton Avenue, Westwood CA (which we really know is LA).

Pic by me, it is an HDR image…how else can I get details on a black car in the shade?