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Monrovia PD confirms Coyote attack in Robo-dial message

This is on the heals of the second mountain lion killed in the Foothill Cities in 2 months.

At 3:30 PM today I received a “robo-dial” call from Monrovia Police Department.  The message: “We have confirmed that in the early morning hours of Monday November 11, 2008 2 coyotes chased and attacked a bicyclist near Grand Avenue Park.  The bicyclist was bit on the shoe but was otherwise unharmed.  Monrovia Police Department has contacted the California Fish and Game Department for their assistance.  Residents are urged to keep their pets and small children under surveillance while they are outdoors.

Monrovia City Watch reported in a post on Tuesday 11/11 that a mountain lion was killed in Arcadia a few days ago.  This was the second mountain to venture in the area that local police were unable to safely move away from residences.  The first incident was in early September near the home of Monrovia City Watch author Cyrus Kemp.  The details of that unfortunate kill is in his 9/4/2008 Post. 

The park is not that far from my home.  Several years ago I came home mid-morning and interrupted a coyote attempting to make our little rat dog into a snack.  I’ve had a bear in the back yard once too, but he was fortunately partaking in harmless foraging.  The amount of wild life in the residential neighborhoods this last year has been increasing very quickly.  The number of predators coming down is the largest most of us has ever seen.  Fish and Game folks tell us that the prolonged drought in the area is reducing the rodent population and forcing them into our area and predators are following.

Good advice if you are near open areas, keep a watchful eye on your pets and small children.

The picture is from Monrovia City watch and used with their permission.  It was taken by a friend of Cyrus’ here in Monrovia a few months back while another mountain lion was “visiting”.  

Also, a personal thanks to MPD for the robo-dial it really is nice to know what is going on so we can take precautions.