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Do you feel the need? The need… for speed.

Hello friends! Here at the Mark and Steve Video Game Testing Center, driving games are often ignored in favor of games that are actually fun. Midnight Club: Los Angeles, however, piqued our interest. We posted about it awhile back, but since then, Kotaku has written a nice hands-on impression of the game and a second trailer has been released!

A new release date in October has been solidified, pushed back from September and the L.A. in the game is looking even more accurate than before. We personally are looking forward to reenacting the many accidents at the cursed corner of La Brea and Fountain.

How many L.A. landmarks can you spot whizzing by in the new trailer?

88 miles per hour!

Hello friends! Have you ever fantasized about zipping through the L.A. streets at speeds topping 100mph in broad daylight? We certainly do, especially when we’re stuck in L.A.’s famous traffic rather than at home playing video games on our awesome Playstation 3s.

Well, come September, Rockstar Games will make all our dreams come true when they release the fourth video game in the Midnight Club series, Midnight Club: Los Angeles!

(click if you mean bigness!)

Check out the trailer and more screen shots here!

From the press release on Business Wire:

“People are going to be blown away when they see how true-to-life Los Angeles looks in this game,” said Jay Panek, Midnight Club Producer Rockstar San Diego. “We’ve added some great twists and turns that let players experience the authentic vibe and feel of the city at blistering speeds that you simply couldn’t get away with in real life.”

We’re hoping the recreation is so accurate that we can try out new shortcuts to the Arclight and then test them out five minutes before the movie starts!