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Was Szabo Being Szexist?

matt-szaboMayor Villaraigosa’s Press Secretary Matt Szabo has definitely embraced the use of his new Twitter account to spread City Hall’s message – whatever that is. But, he may want to watch what he tweets.

We already know about the twagic mistake of tweeting for MJ donations in the name of Tony. Now, there’s this:

This “meanest city” report really is weak on the facts and methodology. Casey Hernandez (a woman btw) gets it right. http://bit.ly/XNvjs

The Twitter update is at least consistent with the Angry Matt Szabo theme. It’s the “a woman btw” comment that bothers me. What exactly does that mean? Is he amazed that she got something right, in spite of the fact that she is a woman?

It certainly raises an eyebrow. It could become a political nightmare for a mayor whose own Twitter account is more of a Szabo Retweeter than anything else.