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The Manila Machine No Longer Truckin’ (But Still Caterin’)

Oh, such a bummer.  On Friday – yes, April Fool’s Day, except it wasn’t a joke – one of the better food trucks out there, the Filipino food-slinging The Manila Machine, announced it no longer was going to operate the food truck side of its business, at least for a while.

Nastassia Johnson and Marvin Gapultos launched the truck last June and really was one of the very few trucks to be actually quite good.  Based on their first statement (there are two, the second of which we’ll get to in a hot second), the two will focus on catering so they can pursue other opportunities: Gapultos is looking forward to writing a cookbook, and Johnson is weighing her next venture.  And (maybe most importantly), now that they don’t have the 23/7 job that is running a small business on wheels, they can get some much needed family and friend time.

Their explanation, and all the gossip fit for your elementary school playground, after the jump.

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