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Designer Shoes & Gourmet Chocolates

I have been spending a great deal of time in Manhattan Beach for work purposes.  At first, I’d just get to my meetings and leave as soon as possible because the commute was so dreadful and I wanted to get it over with quickly.  But on my final two days I decided to be far more relaxed and actually take in the admittedly darling little ocean town.

On my way to fetch some coffee yesterday, I froze while standing before one storefront in utter awe.  That swiftly melted into frustration when I realized it was too early for me to worship in the temple of genius.

Designer shoes and gourmet chocolates.

It was total brilliance with a side of awesome sauce.

Someone needs to do this in Hollywood only I’d like to request that you design the store to look like a turn of the century bordello.  If I’m going to commit to an excessive experience, I want to go all the way.