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Catching up with Loose-Fish

Just a hair over a year ago, then-Metblogs author Jay Bushman posted a piece about his experimental storytelling adventures, the Loose-Fish project. Since that time, Bushman has completed his twitter tale The Good Captain, a retelling of Melville’s “Benito Cereno,” and published a bound hardcopy version as well. He is currently at work on the Spoon River Metblog and has, this past month, experienced at least a morsel of his promised fifteen minutes fame when he garnered the attention of no less than The Christian Science Monitor. Yay Jay. (I can’t wait for Loose-Fish’s reimagining of Moby Dick, personally.)

The Latest Cemetery Happening: Spoon River Metblog

Didn’t get to the Hollywood Forever screenings this weekend? Feeling like you need to get away but can’t escape your desk? Metblogs has just the thing: the Spoon River Metblog. LA’s own Jay Bushman brings you this serial adaptation of the 1915 classic Spoon River Anthology. You can read more about Spoon River at the Loose-Fish site or just log on and get some culture while you pretend to work. And if you’re into puzzles or Alternate Reality Games, there seems to be some kind of hidden puzzle there too. But I won’t spoil it for you.