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Mobile Gourmet Rodeo: “Square Meal on Wheels” @ MOCA

Holy roving gourmet trucks, Batman! In conjunction with their Movie Night on the 27th, Dwell On Design‘s hosting a mass meet-up of some of LA’s hottest mobile food vendors. Kogi is rumored to show although not confirmed; but I’m most smitten by the Sprinkles truck, which, if I ever see it en-route, I will follow across the city like a crazy stalker.

There’s also Locali’s Icicyle, Barbie’s Q BBQ, Let’s Be Frank, CoolHaus ice cream, Tacos Ariza and the Green Truck. Here’s all the info on the mobile restaurant row; to check out the movie night (which for better or worse will prolly be overshadowed, at least among the twitterati & the blogospheroids, by the food trucks) go here. Dwell on Design is a design conference & exhibition, incorporating home tours, restaurant design spotlights, film screenings and seminars. And also, apparently, cupcakes.

Hat tip to Jeff & his peeps over at Thrillist for beating me to the punch on this one.

Feb. 27th: locali Grand Opening

The Hollywood-base convenience store, locali, is having it’s Grand Opening tomorrow evening.  I wrote about locali last week and have heard nothing but raves from people who’ve gone over for a visit.  From the evite page:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Please join us Friday February 27th from 5pm – 8pm to celebrate the opening of Locali and the launch of our deli. We will have a ribbon cutting with The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce at 5pm and samples from local food artisans as well as tastings of our organic, biodynamic, sustainable and local wines and beers afterwards. Feel free to bring along friends, family, kids, colleagues, distant acquaintances…The more the merrier!

We look forward to seeing you then!

Following locali on Twitter is sounds like there will be a lot of great food from local food artisans such as Carmela, La Guera Tamalera, The Sensitive Baker, Yummy Bites, Dee’s Vegan Bakery and others. If you’re in the area, I highly suggest you drop on by.