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Lights! Camera! Electropop!

"The Listening" Will Be Released On 10/6
LIGHTS Debut Album, "The Listening" Will Be Released On 10/6

I just found out that LIGHTS will be performing at the Troubadour on November 3rd!

For those of you unfamiliar with LIGHTS, she’s a tiny, Canadian, World of Warcraft playing, keytar wielding, comic-book-heroine-slash-intergalactic-electropop-artist. In other words, she’s totally my dream best friend (no offense to my actual best friends, but come on, you guys really need to step it up).

LIGHTS’ debut album “The Listening” will be released tomorrow (10/6), but the album is streaming in its entirety on LIGHTS’ Myspace page right now, so go check it out.

But wait, there’s more! LIGHTS is also starring in the cutest animated comic series on MTV and MTV.com called “Audio Quest.” You can watch the first episode here. Continue reading Lights! Camera! Electropop!

Win tix to Kaiser Chiefs…or Copeland!

los chiefs de kaiser
los chiefs de kaiser

Ayup, they’re BOTH playing tomorrow night so you’ll have to choo-choo-choose! Kaiser Chiefs play with Hockey at the Fonda and Copeland plays with Lovedrug, Lydia & Lights at the El Rey. Both shows should be fantastic. I’d go if I wasn’t still exhausted from working at Bats Day (report forthcoming). Because I’m exhausted & very very busy (yay Monday!) I’m going to ask you hopeful winners to leave a comment stating which show you’d like to go to & tell me what you were for Halloween (still in the Bats Day mood, you see). We’ll randomly pick a couple folks to go to each show. woop woop!

L.A. River Path lights coming back?

Gutted and sawn
When I first spotted this today on the L.A. River Bike Path near Griffith Park, I thought:

“Great, the junkies are at it again, digging for those tasty sellable morsels of copper wire. Only now they have a frickin’ concrete saw.”

Then I skated a little farther and saw a different vault situation (after the jump) … Continue reading L.A. River Path lights coming back?