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Win Free Derby Dolls Tickets (plus a special bonus prize)

L.A. Derby Dolls in action. Photo courtesy of laderbydolls.
L.A. Derby Dolls in action. Photo by Stalkerazzi f/8, courtesy of laderbydolls.

The L.A. Derby Dolls return to the Doll Factory on Saturday, April 18 as the Sirens battle the Varsity Brawlers. Because I love you L.A., I want to share the roller derby awesomeousity. (That’s right, my fun is so awesome I have to make up new words to describe just how awesome it is.) I’ve got free tickets for you. Read on…

If you’ve learned anything about me since I began writing for MetBlogs, it’s that at heart, I am still an adolescent. No…wait. If you’ve learned two things about me, it’s that I’m still an adolescent and I love the L.A. Derby Dolls. And our chief weapon is surprise. Suprise and fear. Come in again…

Really, what’s not to love? Roller derby is a fast paced, full-contact, action packed sport. And the Derby Dolls? In addition to being poised, refined, attractive young ladies, those girls are bad-asses and that is sexy as hell. The bouts at the Doll Factory are some of the most exciting sporting events in Los Angeles. My only wish would be for more.
If you’ve ever been to a bout at the Doll Factory, you already know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Either way, you’ll want to follow me past the jump to find out how you get your free tickets (and nifty bonus prize)… Continue reading Win Free Derby Dolls Tickets (plus a special bonus prize)

Roller Derby Is Alive And Well

Growing up in L.A. in the late-70s was a glorious time for a young sports fan.  The Dodgers won back-to-back NL pennants (’77 & ’78,) we still had an NFL team (the Rams played at the Coliseum until ’79,) the Aztecs played soccer at the Rosebowl, and every Saturday morning channel 9 broadcast Roller Super Stars featuring the Los Angeles Thunderbirds.  Although I (still) loved the Dodgers, I was a nerdy kid and could (still) not care less about the NFL, and only went to one Aztec game. It may have been a glorious time for a young sports fan, but that wasn’t me. One thing I looked forward to every week, though, was roller derby.

Of course, that was 30 years ago.  L.A. hasn’t seen a pennant in 20 years, the NFL has long since departed, and seriously, soccer? Did anyone else remember the Aztecs? The bright spot in this story is that the L.A. Derby Dolls have revitalized roller derby over the last five years, and the first bout of 2009 is this Saturday night at the Doll Factory between the Fight Crew and Tough Cookies.

Follow me past the jump for details on the most fun you’ll have Saturday night with your pants on**.

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The Best Summer Camp Ever!

laderbycamp.jpgTo add to the very short list titled, “Things That Make Me Almost Regret Not Having Children,” is the news that the LA Derby Dolls have a summer camp for girls aged 9 to 17. I can pretty much imagine no better way for a thirteen-year-old girl to spend five days in July than scrimmaging with the Derby Dolls. Plus there are arts and crafts like designing fliers and decorating shirts, two musts in any teen hipster skillset.

 If, like me, you have no spawn, you’ll just have to settle for going to see the dolls roll their stuff at Battle on the Bank, LA’s first banked track tournament–June 28 & 29–an event which also includes bands, a fortune teller, and a puppet show.