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L.A. City Council Press Releases: French, Football, or Fail?

If you take a look at the “Press Releases” section of the Los Angeles City Council’s website, there seems to be something funny going on regarding the listed dates of the Council’s press releases.  Some of the dates, as late as 12/2/10, have not yet occurred.  If you click on the press releases in question, you get a mixture of press releases dated in 2009 and earlier in January 2010.

Thus far, I have come up with three possibilities as to what’s going on:

1.  The Council has gone French on us, and is using European-style dates, ordered by date/month/year.  However, even that would not explain the 12/2/10 listing.

2.  There’s a combination of 2009/2010 wrong year fail and mistakenly listing the dates of planned events in the “date” column of the website, rather than the more correct date of the press release.  However, if you continue to click down the list of press releases, you also see a jumble of correct press release dates listed along with dates that correspond neither to the date of the press release nor to the event described in the press release.

3.  The L.A. City Council has the ability to see into the future.  If that’s the case, then please, Council members, issue a press release dated February 7, 2010 naming the winner of the Super Bowl.  I’m looking up my bookie’s phone number right now.