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Prop 8 Conflict A Possible Cause of “Anthrax” Scare at Clear Channel

snapped on my way out the foyer...I love firemen.

I work in the building that houses LA radio stations KOST, KLAC, KIIS, MYFM, 987 (formerly STAR), HOT, KFI & KTLK. It overlooks the 134 freeway between the Pass & Buena Vista exits & has those big music banners that always broadcast the latest Madonna release or Eagles retrospective album. Around noon or 1pm today an envelope arrived addressed to MYFM. MYFM’s staff opened it to discover (and this is hearsay on my part) white powder accompanied by some sort of communication that was anti-Prop 8 in nature. (I’m told that the Yes on 8 people had bought ads on MYFM.)

The staff member who opened the envelope was rushed to the hospital examined by experts. The building was evacuated & we all decamped to local restaurants while helicopters circled overhead & the fire dept. taped off the building.

Around 3pm it was announced that we had the “all clear” to re-enter the building, and I’m given to understand that the substance has been found to be baby powder. Spectacular. An out-of-office message from the lucky staff member who chanced to open the envelope stated that he was a-ok and leaving for the day. What a slacker!

If the envelope really was marked as being from the No On 8 campaign, I don’t believe for a minute that it genuinely was. This smacks of an extremely lame attempt to implicate the No On 8 people.

My whole twitter account of the mess is here: twitter.com/lucindamichele