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Hot Dog Death March High Fashion

hotdogfriendsThe LA Hot Dog Death March is just a few days away, and we’ve got your t-shirts, temporary tattoos, and attitude.

Ryan at losanjealous does not endorse it and will be praying for our survival.

Maria & Mike at Franklin Avenue think we’re trying to kill you.

Even Kevin Roderick mentioned us over at LA Observed (although he egregiously omitted Julia, the 1st half of the planning committee).

So. Are you coming? Are you willing to RISK IT ALL for GLORY?! Details are here.

I stopped by Oki-Dog yesterday for a little reconnaissance. Photos coming soon.

Remember to come out & meet everyone at Classic Eats tonight!

Last time we did this it was, clearly, a rager!


Here’s all the info on tonight. Tiki Ti in Silver Lake(ish) at 4:30; then, Taix in Echo Park at 6:30. See you all there! Burns! will be leading a contingent over to the Derby Dolls bout (sold-out, but if you have tix…) from Tiki Ti. LA Metblogs will be everywhere tonight! Everywhere, I say! Muahahaha!

See you there!

See ya at Classic Eats!

It's like eating in the woods! But not!
It's like eating in the woods! But not!

The photo by one of my fave LA historians Charles Phoenix, left, and the great blog post by Delicious Coma show Clifton’s in all it’s kitschy glory. We hear the food isn’t spectacular, but that’s exactly why I’m going.

That & the stuffed deer.

Oh, and to see all of you!!!

Julia’s event info is all here.