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Takosher Nosh: A Full Report

As previously reported by the awesome and totally dateable Travis, the Takosher Truck is now making the rounds at lunch time in LA. I’ve been following them on twitter (@takosher) since that first post and today serendipity was on my side. A friend called at 11 to see if we could switch our lunch plans from Friday to today. Having just been checking the map to see how close the Takosher truck was, I asked her if she’d be interested in trying the new food truck, she said yes and we did!

On Pico near Doheny we found the truck in all its blue and white glory, parked near their Kosher meat supply and a Lexus mechanic. Fortunately, the garage had this handy wall just at the perfect height for lunching and chatting.

I ordered the 3 taco special to try the Brisketaco, the Latketaco and the Fujitas. With my tacos I got chips, a shredded carrot and (I think) jicima salad and a drink all for $11. My friend got the two taco combo for $9. (She ordered the same as mine but without the Brisketaco.)

Order Up!

In the above right photo (click for much bigger) you can see the Brisketaco (top left), the Fujitas (bottom center) and the Latketaco (top right). I started with the Latketaco and found it a bit bland and kinda odd to eat in a tortilla for some reason, like the corn flavor didn’t really go with the fried latke flavor. The menu describes it as “A combination of three types of potato, cilantro, onions and roasted chipotle chiles” but I could only taste potato. And we only found a lot of cinnamon, not enough heat or much of anything else in the “sweet and spicy apple jalapeño chutney.”

Moving on to the Brisketaco, again, a bit bland. The meat was tender, but not well spiced. Even the onions (seen clearly in the photo) seem to have not a lot of flavor. Lastly was the Fujitas taco which we both liked very much. There was texture and spice and heat. It was a good way to end the trio. The chips were chips and the little carrot salad was crunchy and refreshing. Beverages were all Dr. Brown’s flavors in bottles as this is a fully kosher truck. (Did you know they were owned by Pepsi?)

While I was not blown away, I am curious to try the other tacos on the menu and I would have the Fujitas tacos again in a heartbeat. I hope as they get going they get some heat and spice back into the other tacos.  I would recommend them, so if you see the truck, give them a go.

My lunch date, Debra!

Mazel Tov! (Okay okay, I’m not Jewish.)

Takosher Truck website.