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Jacaranda Tour and a purple food recipe at the end,

That crazy 99 Cent Chef is at it again.  With some Jacaranda blooming  just a tad earlier than usual he celebrates their arrival with a quick video tour and ends it all with a recipe for eggplant hummus.  If you dig purple food this will be for  you.  You can follow more of his adventures in and around LA in the 99 cent stores creating more fun food on his Blog.

Half-light with Jacaranda

jacarandaevening.JPGDriving through Lincoln Heights the other evening, in search of a large box of crayons, I came upon this dusky street in the deepening evening–lit for blocks with the incandescent glow of jacarandas in full-on violet bloom.

Jacaranda season always brings back memories: summers so hot it seemed the sidewalks would buckle upward with the heat & the burgeoning roots of the jacarandas, their instant burst into bloom violent and sudden; hot nights and more hours than I care to (or can) remember in the Rustic, living carefree and half-assed off the dregs of student loans, some money from teaching art, Pop-Tarts, & vodka.

I read a lot of Bukowski.

I don’t know if I remember it fondly or with regret; probably both. But the jacarandas still bloom this time every year, as the days get long and the night skies blur with heat.

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