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Press Start: USC Interactive Media’s Graduate Thesis Exhibition

USC’s Interactive Media division sounds fascinating, and I’m sure that this weekend’s exhibit of graduate thesis projects will be as well. As the school describes it, “these eleven unique projects are an eclectic mix of new explorations in interactive media featuring a very wide range of play scenarios and themes. These projects promise to move you, entertain you and make you think.” There are a few that sound especially interesting to me, like Mike Brazil’s “RagnaR√łkk:”

RagnaR√łkk is an experiment in trying multiple ways of combining music and traditional gameplay. The player uses a Guitar Hero controller to navigate through the gamespace, fight enemies, cast spells, and solve puzzles. Throughout the game, the actions of the player have musical repercussions, serving to pull the player deeper into the experience.

And my friend Marc Tuters’s “S(t)imulation:”

S(t)imulation is the practice component of a thesis that explores philosophies of consciousness within the electronic arts. A site specific installation, the piece centers around a 12-foot mural painted in a surrealist/cubist style. Based on the realtime input of the viewers contemplation, a scale image of the mural is processed and projected back onto the painting’s surface, augmenting it with light to reveal its multiple dimensions.

The exhibition also features projects from Paul Bellezza, Jorge Mora Fernandez, Scott Gillies, Matt Korba, Anthony Ko, Victoria Moran, Garrett Rodrigue, Mike Stein and Jesse Vigil.

MFA Thesis Exhibition
May 10-15, 2008 | 12-8 PM (Opening Reception, Saturday, May 10, 2008 | 5-9 PM)
555 W 23rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007