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NYT Covers Bourgie Industry Kids Playing Music, Smoking

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I read this story in the NYT a few days ago, but it’s stayed in the back of my mind, accompanied by a weird distaste. The writer ID’s a “trend” among the children of Hollywood elites: playing music, having shows in each other’s luxe backyards, slumming at thrift stores for hipster threads.

Indie music has a long and storied history in Southern California…continuing today at popular all-age sites like the Smell in downtown Los Angeles and Pehrspace near Echo Park.

But to veterans of this scene and the latest crop of show-going kids, elements of the city’s music landscape have lately been skewing even younger and emanating from tonier enclaves, like Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood and Hancock Park.


Where is this animosity in me coming from? Am I just jealous of how these trust-fund kids can pursue their PBR wishes and record-crate dreams? Or am I annoyed because this doesn’t…seem…newsworthy?

When I was working in print, they’d say “Three makes a trend.” Writer Jennifer Bleyer definitely name-checks more than three Industry spawn: Tallulah Willis (of Bruce); “Keely Dowd, the daughter of Jeff Dowd, a producer on whom the Coen brothers based the main character of ‘The Big Lebowski,'”; apparently the girls from The Like all sprang from the loins of Industry (music and movie) players; and, oh yes, “Michael Shuman, the bassist for Queens of the Stone Age who went to Campbell Hall, is the son of Ira Shuman, a producer of ‘Night at the Museum’ and the new ‘Pink Panther’ films.

Bleyer tells a tale of a successful screenwriter who’s arranged for his son to continue his drum lessons during their summers in Italy. Which is great. Right? Good for him.

So why am I so annoyed? Am I just jealous? Should this article ever have been written? Haven’t the rich been indulging their kids’ dilettantisms for millenia? This isn’t a “trend.” This is business as usual.

I’m calling on the NYT to actually cover newsworthy scenes producing quality art–be it music or any other creative efflorescence–in LA. Stop going for the low-hanging fruit that only underscores your lack of familiarity with the cultural terrain. If this story even deserves to exist, it should have been about the music–not the pedigrees.

Win tix to see the Moving Units at the El Rey this Friday, 3/6!

Locals-made-good the Moving Units play this Friday at the El Rey with Rumspringa, All Leather and HAWEsome local DJ Them Jeans. Should be a fantastic show. And we’ve got tickets to give you! IF you enter a comment, that is.moving-units1

Drop in a comment below telling me who YOUR favorite local DJ is. If they have a website or myspace page please do include a link. Tell me why they’re awesome, where you first heard them, and where they usually spin.

And if you’d like, you could twitter this post so people can see your listings of all these local DJs. How ya like them apples?

Info on the show is here.

Audrye Sessions tonight for free at the Troubador

aduryesessionsI just had a chance to take in a little show these guys put on at my work here in Burbank and I can’t recommend them enough for fans of Radiohead, Travis, Elliot Smith and Sigur Ros. Audrye Sessions on myspace | on last.fm

You know when you see a new band with that “green” kind of feel, but you sense they’re gonna go far? I remember seeing Autolux at a gig at the Derby back when Scott Sterling was booking it, in like early 2001, and I had the same feeling. I’d suggest keeping your eyes on them. Besides, you can’t argue with the words FREE SHOW.

Win tix to The Airborne Toxic Event tomorrow at the Fonda!

Everybody’s fave local-band-making-good hits the stage at the Fonda tomorrow night for what’s sure to be a fantastic hometown show. Want free tickets? The Event is well-known for promoting the Silver Lake music scene and often name-checks their other favorite local bands when they’re performing. Which is admirable and if you’re in a band you should do it too, because nothing gives you more cred than giving cred where cred is due. So tell me your favorite local bands who you think should hit the big time, and we’ll randomly pick some winners to get pairs of tix gratis.  Info on the show is here.

Help save LA’s underground radio, killradio.org

In the winter of 2000, I was working as an art teacher in Sherman Oaks when a co-worker asked me if I wanted to attend a meeting with her at a pirate radio station. “They’re giving away radio shows,” she said, and when I demurred that I didn’t know how to DJ, she told me they’d teach me how. I thought for a second, and despite the fact that I’m pretty shy & tend to not throw myself into work situations with strangers, I decided to give it a shot. It was an uncharacteristic decision.

It changed the course of my entire life.

Joining killradio.org, an online radio station with a sometimes-pirate terrestrial broadcast, brought me into contact with people I never would have met in a million years: anarchists, eco-punks, jazz poets, Bollywood-music geeks, Black Bloc-ers, traveling minstrels, bike messengers, indie DJs, Food Not Bombs chefs, radicals and militant members of movements that prioritized the democratization of media outlets. It was the first move that sparked a series of cascading events in my life that… Continue reading Help save LA’s underground radio, killradio.org

Win Tix to Mudhoney with Japanese Motors & Model/Actress, 11/14!

The venerable 20-year-career of Mudhoney has brought it to the here & now with their latest album, “The Lucky Ones,” recorded in just 3 and a half days, and the album’s aggressive and visceral, very raw & rhythm-focused. Great stuff. They play what should be a great show this Friday with newcomers Japanese Motors, whose “Single Fins & Safety Pins” single has been on heavy rotation at Indie 103.1 (and I can’t decide if I like it or not yet, although it’s certainly charming). Model/Actress supports. So, alt-rock fankids-cum-grownup Gen Xers, now’s your chance to see Mudhoney! For tickets, tell me your favorite thing about the band in the comments below. We have a few pairs of tickets to give out, so we’ll randomly choose some winners.

You can also buy tickets here.

Win Tix to Islands at the El Rey, June 17!

islands.jpgEDIT: The venue for this show has been changed to the El Rey from the Fonda, in case any of you bought tix to the original Fonda show. Also the openers have changed: Mr. Grainger couldn’t make it, but AWOL will be in his place.)

It’s impossible to not dig the hummable tunes from Islands, tweaked with poppy melodies and calypso tones, country twangs and hip-hop grooves (prolly drawn on from their time working with Busdriver). The former Unicorns dudes have decamped their late band (can unicorns ever last? we didn’t think so) but formed something fabulous in its stead.

We’ve got tic-tic-tickets to give away! Just answer below, in the comments, this question (be sure to put your contact email in there!!!):

If you could go to any island on the planet, which would it be and why?

Winners get a pair of tix courtesy of Goldenvoice, whom we clearly & obviously are gay for.

Islands on youtube

And their openers Sebastien Grainger AWOL
…and Crayonsmith