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“A Now Story With Now Music!”

This post’s headline was the tagline to the 1978 feature film “FM,”also billed as “The movie coming at you at the speed of sound.” “FM” had an all star cast including Howard Hesseman and Eileen Brennan, and featured appearances by Linda Ronstadt and Jimmy Buffet. The plot focused a highly popular Los Angeles “rock’n’roll” station, apparently in some parallel universe where Linda Ronstadt and Jimmy Buffet were considered rock’n’roll.  The synopsis via IMDB:

Q-SKY is the #1 radio station in Los Angeles mainly because of the music they play, and running the station the way they want to. It has led them to a ratings success. The interesting radio personalities include: Jeff Dugan, rebellious head of the radio station; Mother, who is burned out from being a DJ; Eric Swan, a self centered romantic who wants more than just being a DJ; The Prince of Darkness, the hip night DJ; and Laura Coe, the easy-going type. The movie focuses on the battle between Jeff and his corporate bosses, who want more advertising and less music.

Sound familiar? Thanks to Colin Remas Brown, for steering me to the vintage must see trailer:


One Last Shot of Indie 103.1

DJ Tedd Roman was the one we followed on Twitter all day at the news that critically acclaimed Indie 103.1 was signing off forever.

We followed Tedd from the first rumors of the format change, to cleaning out his stuff and frantically ripping albums, to picking up his last check. He even managed to snap one last picture of the Indie 103.1 studio.

Thanks for letting us listen in on your last day, Tedd. You hit the post.

Another Reason to Hate Cats: El Gato 103.1

Radio Insight chimes in on the flip of Indie 103.1 to Radio El Gato.

A pair of domains: elgato1031.com and 1031elgato.com were registered to Entravision in late December. The former points to an Under Construction page for the new station, while the latter redirects to a sister station in Sacramento.

Last week Entravision shuffled formats at a bunch of their stations nationwide. Many switched from its Spanish CHR “Super Estrella” format to Adult Hits “Jose”. In El Paso, TX one of the stations, 94.7 KSYE debuted the new “El Gato” format. Billboard described the format as such:

Featuring contemporary regional Mexican music, “El Gato” debuted on KYSE El Paso (94.7 FM) on Jan. 6 and plays music by acts such as Horóscopos de Durango, Intocable and K-Paz de la Sierra.

It also includes Entravision show “Erazno y Chokolata” in the afternoons.

Indie 103.1 is one of the most critically acclaimed radio stations in America and it will be interesting to see if any of its elements are able to transition elsewhere.

Have a nice day, listeners.

BREAKING: Indie 103.1 No More?

Twitter is abuzz with news that Indie 103.1 is seizing their broadcast on that frequency.

RT @vickistephttp://www.indie1031.com/ just says “Thanks to everyone who made Indie 103.1 possible. We love you all.” new splash page on http://www.indie1031.com/ says 30 days until something. hmm???

UPDATE: Indie’s Tedd Roman Twittered “Rumor is the sation will now be El Gato 103.1.”

UPDATE 2: RT @TeddRoman: It’s official. All jocks cleaning out offices, lockers, etc. Online will be no DJs as of right now. Spanish flip tomorrow afternoon

UPDATE 3: RT @TeddRoman: This is posted on the Indie studio door. http://twitpic.com/1353l

UPDATE 4: RT @TeddRoman: About to turn the keycard in to HR and grab a final check. FRANTICALLY attempting rips of EVERY possible album in to my computer.

UPDATE 5: RT @TeddRoman: The shelves are quickly being emptied. We are all in shock. I feel like I need to puke. http://twitpic.com/135e4