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L.A.’s Largest Inaugural Viewing

L.A. Live has announced that it will host the largest public viewing of the Inaugural events in Los Angeles on the morning of January 20th.  Taking place in Nokia Plaza, Councilwoman Jan Perry will host the live feed from Washington, DC beginning at 7 am with the pre-ceremony events.

As a side note, they are encouraging people to take public transportation.  It sounds like a smart idea, particularly if you can catch the Red Line at any point.

For more information or to get further details visit L.A. Live’s site here.

Crystal Method added to Art of Change lineup Jan. 20

This should be a fantastic crowd to be in on the night of January 20: as if performances by SF’s DJ Motion Potion and Mutaytor (for a reprise of the big New Years’ show they played with Thievery Corporation & Bassnectar) weren’t enough, celeb DJs & internationally-awesome electronic act The Crystal Method has just been added to the lineup to follow up the inaugural speech by Barack Obama, which will be televised on big screens throughout the gorgeous Mayan Theatre downtown.

Wow, that was a long sentence. And an awkward one. But all the facts therein are correct.

I’m going to go back to screwing around on the internet now. I’m spent after that sentence.

Oh, you want info? Right. I suppose you do. [sigh] Fine, here you go.

Highland Park cyclist Ryan Bowen bikes to Obama’s inauguration!

This story caught my eye first because I was impressed by Ryan’s indisputable bad-assedness, but then I noticed something else on the “About” page of his website. First, the gist: 22-year-old Oxy grad & HIghland Park resident Ryan Bowen left LA on Dec. 2 with the goal of touching down in DC by January 20. It’s ambitious, crazy, cool and not without its dangers, but a recent LA Times story catches up with him at the Continental Divide on Dec 18, where he was in good spirits, carb-loading at a roadside cafe.

Here‘s the story.

So why, then, would anyone launch “brazen personal attacks aimed at denouncing Ryan’s character and integrity”…? That quote is from the About page on Ryan’s website (read it in full here), written by the webmaster in defense of Ryan and his ride. Can anyone tell me why someone would have a problem with what Ryan is doing? Am I missing something?