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ICME: Big Red Boot Car in Burbank

Burbank's Red Boot Car by Jodi
Burbank's Red Boot Car by Jodi

This driveable car, in the shape of a red hiking boot, has actually caught my eye for several years now. It typically sits outside of Victor’s Shoe Repair on Verdugo Ave. in Burbank, just west of Hollywood Way. In the past several months, the boot has occasionally been parked in front of Milt & Edie’s Drycleaners on the corner of  Pass and Alameda, also in Burbank.

I’m not sure why this vehicle continues to provide me amusement, but it does. And oh how I’d love to get my hands on the keys and take it for a spin some day!

ICME: Caution?

Clickably bigger, but really, why bother?
Clickably bigger, but really, why bother?
What exactly is on offer here?
What exactly is on offer here?

Truthfully, this post should really be titled “ICMIT-Y-OE: It Caught My Inner Twelve-Year-Old’s Eye.” As previously mentioned, I think my inner 12-year-old is an outty.

I’m sure everyone has seen signs like the one on the left around Los Angeles. They are found on lots of streets, mostly residential, where large speed bumps are used to slow the flow of traffic. In fact, there are several of these bumps and signs near my neighborhood in Silver Lake.

The one that really caught my eye, though, is the one on the right. While there are several “Bumps” signs throughout the neighborhood, to my knowledge there is only one sign like the one on the right. The former is clearly a caution to slow down for a potential road hazard, while the latter appears to be a warning (an offer?) of something else entirely.

It Caught My Eye: Wiener

While it may not glide as gracefully as Will’s blue heron below, this was still an interesting find as I made my late evening travels around the city.

That's a big wiener.
That's a big wiener.

It was about 11:30pm on Monterey Road on the very western edge of South Pasadena.  Seeing the Wienermobile parked on the curb caught me by surprise, though in retrospect I’m not sure why. I mean, it has to be somewhere, right?

Now the question is, what was it doing there? Late night promotion at a hot dog house party? Does the driver just live in this neighborhood? Did the wienerman have a booty call?  Please feel free to deposit your own theories in the comment section. (Wiener jokes encouraged.)

ICME: Fix Your Accent

Spotted outside the Beverly Center.

My question is how do they fix it?

“My accent is not ridiculous enough, can you fix that?”

Of course!

“I have an accent that sounds Russian, but I’m from the Bulgaria.  Can you fix that?”


“Small animals burst into flames when I say certain words.  Can you fix that?”

No, you’re a dragon.  Accept yourself and move to a less populated area.

Or maybe it’s just an enterprising Hyundai repairman.