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Tom Jones Is Alive

Photo by Burns!
Photo by Burns! Nearly life-size with a simple click.

Tom Jones opened his set Tuesday night at the House of Blues with “I’m Alive” from his latest studio recording, 24 Hours. No one in the sold out audience needed a reminder. The tension had been building since early in the evening, and when Jones took the stage, the crowd erupted.

From the moment the spotlight hit him, Tom Jones had everyone in the room in the palm of his hand, but that should come as no surprise. In a career that has spanned five decades, Jones perfected his craft long ago. But while some performers might be content to rely on the hits of their early career, Jones has managed to remain current, hip even, by continually stretching as an artist. He still writes new material, covers popular hits and adds his own style to them, and collaborates with other top artists and producers. For example, “Sugar Daddy” from 24 Hours was co-written with Bono and The Edge of U2.

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