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The “Wieners” of the Hot Dog Haiku Contest!

Throwing a real-life wiener dog into the mix when delivering spoken haiku kinda lands you as the ringer, but our own Will Campbell also spake a lovely passage. Missed the haiku? Don’t know what we’re going on about? There’ll prolly be a Hot Dog Death March next year. Start training now!



To see all the amazing contestants, please click here! Thanks to Chal for shooting these.

The Hot Dog Death March Was A Success!

A big Metblogs THANK YOU to all who came along on this past weekend’s Hot Dog Death March–we made lots of new friends & bonded with old ones. How can you not bond, after all, over weenies & pastrami & chili wrapped in a tortilla? It’s like going to war. If you live, you come back with friends for life.

Photo by regular commenter & Metblogs friend Mr. Hooks.
Photo by regular commenter & Metblogs friend Mr. Hooks.

And live we did! Between 40-50 Death Marchers converged on Pink’s around 3pm on Saturday. Pink’s was incredibly kind & gifted us our first 20 or so chili dogs and drinks. Thank you, Pink’s! A big thanks to Oki-Dog & Skooby’s as well for being such good sports. Skooby’s also gifted us a few shirts to give away–thanks guys!

We played hot dog games, enjoyed hot dog trivia, shared hot dog haiku and gave out hot dog prizes! Big ups to Julia for getting the t-shirts and the temporary tattoos made with Spencer’s great logo, and then giving them all away for free! What a gal!

There are more recaps on our Hot Dog Death March blog, as well as 278 (and growing) photos in our Hot Dog Death March photo pool on flickr, so check ’em all out! Chal took video of our Hot Dog Haiku contest which we’ll be posting shortly.

One Death Marcher, David, sent us this mp3 of an old punk song about Oki-Dog. Here it is, with a montage of photos from Saturday, taken by Mr. Hooks, Superdave, Skosakura & Abiko79 on flickr. Enjoy!


Meet Us at 3pm at Pinks!

Look for the sign!
Look for the sign!

The LA Metblogs Hot Dog Death March launches its ungainly trajectory into the upper gastrointestinal tract of Los Angeles this afternoon at 3pm, at Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood.

Bring change & bills for parking.

Beware parking signs.

Pop a Tagamet around 2pm.

We’ll be arriving at Oki-Dog around 5pm, possibly sooner depending on how quickly we exit Pink’s–but we’ll be limited by the massive line there.

Julia & myself will be there to meet you at 3pm…you’ll know us by the hot dog hats & Hot Dog Death March sign.

Follow us on twitter @HDDMLA to keep up with our…progress, if you can call it that.

The Oki-Dog…In Case You Didn’t Know


I did a little recon last week for our Hot Dog Death March and visited Oki-Dog, where I met the owner, who is an enormously pleasant, but surprisingly not enormous, gentleman who looks like he stumbled out of a Cheech & Chong flick and swore next time I showed up he’d buy my Oki Dog.

THERE WILL BE A TEST (I’m not kidding), so familiarize yourself with Oki-Dog now: check out the flickr set. Take copious notes.

Hot Dog Death March High Fashion

hotdogfriendsThe LA Hot Dog Death March is just a few days away, and we’ve got your t-shirts, temporary tattoos, and attitude.

Ryan at losanjealous does not endorse it and will be praying for our survival.

Maria & Mike at Franklin Avenue think we’re trying to kill you.

Even Kevin Roderick mentioned us over at LA Observed (although he egregiously omitted Julia, the 1st half of the planning committee).

So. Are you coming? Are you willing to RISK IT ALL for GLORY?! Details are here.

I stopped by Oki-Dog yesterday for a little reconnaissance. Photos coming soon.

Team Hot Dog! Uniforms for Hot Dog Death March

Ok, the “uniforms” aren’t mandatory, but I’m sure planning on wearing as much wacky hot dog gear as I can to the upcoming Hot Dog Death March on June 13.

Like this hat:

hot_dog_hat If you, too, would like a hot dog hat, you can buy your very own here.

And if you, too, would like to join us in a few weeks as we rage against the dying of the weenie, as we throw our very bodies into the mustard-and-ketchup abyss, as we launch once more into the bratwurst breach, well, learn more about LA Metblogs’ Hot Dog Death March here.

I’ll see you there. How will you know me…?

I’ll be the one with the hat.

Mark and Steve and the Deathly Mallows

Hello friends! Mark and Steve here, on Sunday we wandered into the local 99¢ store on La Brea in Hollywood. Hunting for cheaps snacks and cheap thrills on a lazy Sunday, we discovered an interesting new food group, “Mallow”:

We were tickled by the fact that marshmallow products, pressed and colored to resemble hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers and fries even existed so we bought one of each, and scurried home.

What follows is the true, documented, and photographed tellings of two able-bodied eaters in the greatest taste-test of their lives!

The grisly details follow after the cut.

Click for tons more disgusting pictures with descriptive text!