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Folks in the Hollywood Hills demand action to control tourist traffic

Hollywood sign from Griffith Park Observatory

It first appeared here over a year ago in a blogging.LA post by Tamara, now the L.A times has jumped on the story too.  Today’s times reports that residents of Hollywoodland and other tracts with great views of the Hollywood sign are plagued with tourists blocking traffic, stopping in the middle of the road for the “perfect shot” of this L.A. icon.

I’ve suggested in the past folks visit Griffith Park for a view of the hills and the sign.  Its not up close and personal but it gets the point across without disrupting the lives of those that live close to it.  It certainly doesn’t put folks at risk with life and limb from that vantage point.

Tourists aren’t going to go away.  And that I suppose is a mixed bag. The L.A. Times article has one resident suggesting the city post armed check points to keep tourists out of the neighborhoods.  Thats just a tad excessive.  What would you suggest to help the problem?  Where would you suggest they go so as not to interrupt traffic or cause damage to peoples property for that great shot?


Hollywood Sign Threatened?

Hollywood Sign

AP reports that a giant parcel of land around the Hollywood Sign is up for sale, and that a wave of protest is building to preserve it. Residents, politicians and pundits worry that the land’s sale would pave the way for unwelcome development, but the city apparently can’t just buy it. The asking price of $22 million is a smidge above the legal cap of $6 million the city can pay. Should we start a collection?

It’s hard to imagine a world that would let this happen, but the cynic in me worries that it will one day become the AT&T Hollywood Sign. I suppose we could just let Heidi Montag pay for it, which would be fine as long as we don’t mind changing it to “Heidiwood.”.

Maybe they’ll put in a Pinkberry.