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Clinton and Palin in Los Angeles today

In an odd convergence of diametrically opposed politics and figures who have advanced and set back the women’s movement in this country, Senator Hillary Clinton and Governor Sarah Palin are both in Los Angeles today for campaign events.

Clinton will speak tonight at a fundraiser for “Angelenos Go Green for Obama,” to be held at the Edison in downtown Los Angeles.

The event is being billed as the first zero-waste, carbon-nuetral political fundraiser. Electricity for the event will come from biodiesel generators and only compostable utensils and plates will be used.

It being Tinseltown, celebrities are a part of the package tonight with Meg Ryan, William Baldwin and Catherine Keener expected to attend. Jon Bon Jovi is slated to perform, although Chris Cornell was initially scheduled to entertain when the event was announced two months ago. No word was available on whether he will still appear.

Palin is speaking in Carson this afternoon at the Home Depot Tennis Stadium. Her campaign says she will answer questions submitted by text and email, which will most likely be culled to the few that match her limited range of simplified folksy talking points. I assume the three Black Hawk helicopters that just did a low pass over my place in Silver Lake were headed there, this being enemy territory.