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Better than Gettypede…Running of the Clowns on 10/26

Sunday I met with the agents at GuerilLA Improv for what has the makings of an epic mission.  Its “La Carrera de los Payasos”, literally “Running of the Clowns” a parody of the annual Running of the Bulls in Spain. Cool.

The mission dossier isn’t out yet. They do have a basic FB Page up now. I did walk the route and can tell you it took us less than 30 minutes with a lot of stops to discuss what would happen at each juncture. It will be short stints of running…something even my feeble old knees can handle.

There is a dress code. If you are a clown…you dress in happy clown attire, not scarey attire like “it”. If you are a runner you wear all white like the bull runners with a red bandana, sash or kerchief.  Personally I’d love to see one of the runners in a white wedding dress being chased by the clowns down the street, but do I wish for too much?

If you want in message me so I can get you a full dossier when its ready. Join me for the first running of the clowns.

Gettypede 3/5/2011, and a repeat soon


Oh those folks at GuerilLA have some fun.  They’ve done the centipede at the Getty Center last a year ago this spring.  They are a fun secret society that anyone can join.  Their missions are simple shenanigans that are just clean fun that take place all over the city.  If you join now you can take part in a mission today.  Their facebook page for today’s event will get you started in the fun.

GuerilLA has fun planned at Brewery Art Walk Saturday 10/9/2010 @2PM

Known for guerilla art installations and activities in LA, GuerilLA has one planned for Saturday’s Brewery Art Walk.  After reading their facebook invite you’ll know as much as I do.  Just bring a pole, any pole and be ready to participated in the event.  From their invitation:

It’s here! It’s here! The Brewery Artwalk is finally here!

Twice a year, this amazing collective of artists in downtown Los Angeles gives its patrons beautiful art, amazing technology, fantastic food… and the perfect context for our next Mission.

Go on, check out the cool art and hang out for a while. Then at 2:00, come meet up @ Barbara’s at the Brewery (ask anyone there if you don’t know where it is). Bring some sort of big stick (or two, if you can find a spare!) – it can be a bamboo stick, a long wooden dowel, a shower curtain rod, a fishing pole… be creative! There, you will get further instructions.

What: October Mission – Gone Phishin’
When: Saturday, October 9th, 2010
Where: The Brewery Artwalk (breweryartwalk.com)
Bring: A big stick.

Let the mischief begin.

Agent A