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The Dude Aside –


I saw This Person shopping at a Santa Monica Ralph’s last week, fully without irony.

She and her friends were not looking to see if anyone would notice the robe, nor were they in any sort of Dude-like good humor.

I would have been willing to Consider giving her a pass if she at least bought milk and/or Kahlua, but all they bought was a few bags of Doritos.

They wandered the store, jabbering in a language I failed to identify (and I’m pretty good at that), and exuding general bitchiness.


No thank you.


(No, I don’t show her face. And neither should she.)

Ralph’s Food Cheap!(er)

img_1522After supermarket food prices rose sharply in 2008, today I noticed a huge number of items on sale at my local Ralph’s.  There were yellow sale tags on everything from strawberries to eggs to Lay’s potato chips.  This was very dangerous for me, as I have just gotten over a three-day stomach virus during which I ate almost nothing, and now have all kinds of new food cravings (although I’m not quite ready to think about that Hot Dog Death March).

So, what’s going on at Ralph’s?  Has business dropped off, requiring it to slash prices?  Obviously, in the midst of a severe economic recession, the prices of many things, from houses to cars, have plummeted.  Restaurants and other businesses are offering all kinds of deals to hold onto business.  But, since food is a staple, I would have thought that supermarkets like Ralph’s were immune to  downturns.   In fact, I thought Ralph’s would do better, as people eat at home more during the recession. 

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