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Calling all mods, rude boys and rockers–Win Tix to English Beat!

english-beat.jpgAyup, Messrs. Wakeling, Roger, Cox & Steele bring The Beat back to the Pacific Shore for a night of rock action (not the Mogwai style, but rock action nonetheless). Hooray! They play with The Fixx and The Alarm for a true Brit invasion. It’s this Thursday, the 24th, at the Fonda in Hollywood.

Fancy a spot of tea with the boys? Win a sweet pair of tickets by telling me any number of things: Your fave French New Wave flick! Your preferred method of transpo: Vespa or cafe racer? The Yardbirds or Eddie Cochran? Vince Noir or Howard Moon? (I swoon for Moon.) We’ll pick the most entertaining replies, so–be clever! [claps hands]

Or buy tickets here.

Win Wolf Parade Tix!

wolfie.jpgQuirky, clever & ingenuitive, Wolf Parade are bringin’ their swingin’ show to the Fonda for two nights: Friday the 18th & Saturday the 19th! Opened for by Listening Party, the Parade o’ Wolves are sure to kick (bite?) ass. You wanna go? Sure you do! Win your tickets by entering, in the comments below, your favorite appearance of “wolves” in pop culture. I’m a particular fan of the Mod Wolves in The Mighty Boosh. You?

Be sure to leave me your email so I can contact you iffen’ you win. It’s really easy to win, actually: I usually don’t have a slew of entrants, so your chances of winning are quite swell, eps. if you’re clever and witty ‘n’ stuff. I cannot be bribed, but charm will get you everywhere.

Win Tix: Hieroglyphics, Blue Scholars, Knobody, Musab & Prince Ali

sp_hiero.jpgHieroglyphics (that’s the hip hop collective started by Del tha Funkee Homosapien in the 90s) is touring with Blue Scholars, Knobody, Musab & Prince Ali. These guys are serious classics in the hip-hop timeline with a die-hard fanbase. Wanna go? We’ve got your tickets into their show at the El Rey this Saturday the 12th.

To win, just enter a comment telling me what Egyptian hieroglyph you’d create if you could add to that pictorial library: I might add a couple wavy lines to indicate “bacon,” or an * inside an O for “bicycle,” or a rudimentary drawing of a leash for “Silver Lake dog walker.” Get it? Now you.

Oh, don’t forget to put your email into the comment form so I can contact you if you win.

Nikka Costa at the El Rey

nikkared.jpgHi all y’all! Metroblogging has some more tickets for you. The luminous Nikka Costa is coming to the El Rey this Friday the 27th along with DJ C-Minus, and we’ve got a few pairs of tickets to give away. Wanna win? Tell me who Nikka’s godfather was down in the comments. Be sure to leave your email address in the email field so I can contact you if you win.

Wanna suck it up & buy tickets? Go here. Or myspace her here.  Or facebook. Or see an adorably lo-tek (but still bangin’) video here.