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Win Tix to VNV Nation with Glis tomorrow at the El Rey!

Yep, we’re giving away tickets to their show tomorrow so you can get your deep, moody dancing on. To win a pair of tix and a CD, just post in the comments about the first time you heard music that was described as “Futurepop, EBM, Trance and Industrial.” Did it touch you deeply? In your soul? Or in some other deep, dark, filthy little place?

Here’s the info, so you can buy tix if you don’t win; they play tomorrow at the El Rey with Glis (no, not Gliss).

Win Tickets to Ghostland Observatory at the Mayan on the 16th

That awesome, almost-indescribable band Ghostland Observatory is returning to LA this week and I’m really hoping I won’t miss this show–because I keep mising them every time they’re in town. You shouldn’t miss them, either. To ensure you don’t, I’d suggest you enter to win tickets right here. Ayup.

To win, I want you to think up a cool band name with the word “ghost” in it. Because “ghost” is a cool word.


(To ensure you get tix rather than hoping you win, you can buy ’em here).

Win Tickets to Tegan & Sara at The Fonda!

Indie-emo-folky songstress Canucks Tegan & Sara visit our smoky city of LA for a couple shows this week, playing the Fonda on the 16th along with City & Colour (who are rad) and Girl In A Coma. And we’ve got a few pairs of tix (plus CDs!) to give away to a few lucky winners! Ta dah! The catch? You gotta write me a haiku. Ayup. The misses Tegan & Sara bust their asses getting all wordsmithy for us–the least you can do is reciprocate. Write me the cleverest (is that even a word?) haiku you can imagine in the comments below. Best haiku win tickets. Simple as that!

Here, I’ll start:

Haiku are real neat
But sometimes they make no sense

Win Tix to Black Kids with The Virgins at the Mayan!

Yep, it’s that time again! No, not “time for arsonists to burn our city down,” I mean time for Goldenvoice tickets! Yay! Lost your home? Had to evacuate? Worried about your pets? Hey, no worries, little buckaroo! Chin up! Get in a good mood with tix to this show! Hooray! See, gray skies are gonna clear up. Put on a happy face!

/angry snark

That aside, yes, I do have tickets for you. Just enter into the comments your fave song by either The Virgins or the Black Kids, and we’ll see about hooking you up. Tickets can be had here if you’d rather buy ’em.

Oasis goes onsale tomorrow–win your tix now!

Ayup, they just gave me a couple pairs of Oasis tickets for their show December 4 at the Staples Center. (Again, Goldenvoice, I owe you my first-born AND our first puppy.)

And need I mention that my future ex-husband Ryan Adams will open up for them? Squeeee!!!

To win a pair of tickets, tell me where you were when “Definitely Maybe” dropped (this should be interesting). I was in my junior year of high school, shaking off a grunge-rock hangover. You?

Wanna get in on the presale tomorrow, 10a-10p? Go here and enter the password, “WONDERWALL.”

Now, my fellow Angelenos, no assaulting Oasis when they get here. They’ve had quite enough.

More damn Calexico

I’m super stoked about their show tonight at the Fonda but I only had one pair of tickets to give away in my last post. Because I really want more people to win, I begged Goldenvoice for more tickets and they kindly obliged! Thank you Goldenvoice, I owe you my first-born.

So, new Calexico contest! Ready?

If you could pick a Calexico song to pair with a movie (because so many of their songs are very cinematic and soundtrack-y), what song & movie would you pair? If you can’t think of a movie and aren’t a film buff, you can instead tell me a particular stretch of highway that would suit a particular song.

The LA Times wrote up the show tonight here.

One grand prize winner also gets their latest CD, Carried To Dust. woot!

Win Tickets to See Calexico at the Fonda on the 29th!

Ok, Calexico is up there on my desert island CD list. I’ve loved this band since 2001’s “Even My Sure Things Fall Through”–and I feel like a jerk for not having discovered them in 1997, when their first full-length came out. Blending central & south American sounds with the mestizo music of the US-Mexico border and the space-rock “New Western” sound–think Ennio Morricone filtered through a fuzzed-out Mexican radio. Their live shows are engrossing, with a balls-out brass section, guest vocalists en espanol, and music that expands to suffuse the whole space with an otherworldly feel you only get when you’re in the desert, in the middle of nowhere.

So I’m insanely thrilled about this upcoming show and you can bet I’ll be there with bells on.

If you’d like to go too, tell me what your favorite song by them is, and why you love it so. The most impassioned fan gets the single pair of tickets we have to give. Or you can suck it up & buy tickets here.

Win Tix to The Hives & Eagles of Death Metal

Their show on the 24th has been cancelled, but these boys are keeping their second show date at the Mayan for what should be an awesome rock show in an amazing venue. And we have tickets! This should be a show of epic proportions. If you want to win tickets, tell me what your favorite song is (by either of the bands) and why, in the comments below. Leave your email so we can contact you if you win! If you’d prefer to buy tix, go here.

Win Tix to Cold War Kids at the Fonda, 9/24

Rascally Fullerton boys Cold War Kids have earned the love of rock fans nationwide with their unabashedly balls-out, swaggering and yowling rock’n’roll. They play at the Fonda this Wednesday the 24th and you can win tickets! To win, just leave the name of another local band in the comments–one you think people should know more about and one you think should get the same love Cold War Kids has gotten. Leave your email so I can reach you if you win!

And if you don’t win tickets, you can still buy ’em here.

Win Tickets to Juno Reactor at the El Rey, Sept. 25!

If you don’t know Juno Reactor you probably know their big hit, Mona Lisa Overdrive (named after the William Gibson novel), off the original The Matrix soundtrack. It really set the tone for the film and IMHO influenced gobs of electronic musicians that followed. This should be a fantastic show.

Want to win a pair of tickets? Fabricate your own futuristic name for a song–but you have to use the title of a classical painting in the name. Ha! Getting my Art History rocks off at your expense. You know–“Girl With a Singularity Pearl Earring.” Please–you can do better than I.

Thanks to Goldenvoice we also have three CDs to give away! So remember to leave your email in the comment form so I can contact you if you win, as I’ll need your name (for the will acll list) and your mailing addy (so they can send you your CD). woop woop!

Win Tix to Delerium at the El Rey on the 17th

Hey there goth and shoegaze/ethereal/dreampop kids, or anyone who liked that Sarah McLachlan song “Silence”–Delerium, originally a side project of Front Line Assembly, is coming to LA on the 17th. We’ve got tickets and cds to give away, so to win all you have to do is enter the name of your fave “goth dance” into the comments. Leave your email so I can contact you if you win!

OMG Win Tix to Tokyo Police Club


Oh jeez. I almost dread posting this because of the deluge of entries I’m pretty sure I’ll get for this fffffffsssshhhhhttttttttt! [the sound you make when you lick your finger & touch something burning) show; seems everyone’s been mobbing their shows at local museums recently (Natural History Museum, the Hammer & Indie’s “Also I Like to Rock” series). So I’m cowering and covering my eyes as I hesitantly poke “send” on this post…

To win tickets, pore through some of TPC’s lyrics with their dystopic themes and imagery of natural decay, visceral change and social criticism (plus some love-gone-wrong songs thrown in for good measure). Tell me which you like the best and why.

Their show is on Thursday the 18th at the Fonda; the Whigs open for them.

Win tix to the Detour Fest!

click to embiggen
click to see full image

Get this: Full sets from the Mars Volta and Gogol Bordello, plus festival sets from Shiny Toy Guns, Datarock, The Submarines, The Mae Shi, Japanese Motors, We Are Wolves, Guns ‘n’ Bombs, Matt Costa, Cut Copy, Black Lips, Hercules & Love Affair, Grand Ole Party, Bitter:Sweet, Adam Freeland, Bloody Beetroots, Surkin, Para One, Peanut Butter Wolf, Nico Vega, Afternoons, Noah and the Whale, Mugison, donMoy, DJ Kid Lightning, Paparazzi and AC Means. All downtown, at 1st St. & Main, in the shadow of City Hall, on October 4. We’ve got some free tix & grand prizes to give away. Grand prize winner gets a 3-d poster (above left) and a Gogol CD.

How to win?

Post a link to your favorite image of Los Angeles in the comments below, or if you can manage it post the image itself (with a hat tip to whoever took or made the photo or image, of course). Explain a little about it if you want. We’ll randomly select a few winners in a day or two. Thanks!

Win Tickets to Black Kids with Lovelikefire at the El Rey!

black-kids.jpgJuly 29–that’s this coming Tuesday–the band that I first mistook for an extremely enthusiastic new The Cure recording (am I the only one who thinks the new Cure single blows?) is coming to the El Rey. In listening to the Black Kids’ record I can say with certainty that the are HELLA NOT The Cure and that they do, indeed, rock. It should be a great show!

We’ve got tickets! Want to win a pair? Heh…this should be fun: Enter the LEAST p.c. band name you can make up–the least p.c. you can manage to squeak out without checking yourself into sensitivity training classes! We’ll pick the most atrocious, amusing entry. Foul language sometimes gets auto-screened, so watch it. This should be artful & clever, not crass. Ok, maybe a little crass.