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Win Tix to the Raveonettes 1/24 at the Fonda

Hey guys! The super-awesome Raveonettes appear this Saturday at the Fonda with The Soft Pack (formerly known as The Muslims) and former Metblogs author DJ Travis Keller. Now we know you’re all planning on coming to the Classic Eats dinner that night, but may we suggest this as after-dinner entertainment? I think we may.

Wanna go? Leave a clever play-on-words band name (real or made-up) in the comments and we’ll pick a few lucky winners. Here’s info on the show if you wanna buy tix.

Win tix to Metronomy with The Mae Shi 1/21 at the El Rey

We’ve got tix to see Brit indie darlings Metronomy play with local indie darlings The Mae Shi tomorrow night at the El Rey. Wanna go? I don’t have a whole lot of time to compose some fantastic contest today because they’re firing 9% (to be exact) of the people who work at my office today and we’re all ducking & covering. So howabout you just leave a comment telling me how much you deserve to win, and when I get a moment to check my non-work email, I’ll hit a couple winners back.

Here’s the show info, kiddies.

The indie rock still lives…win tix to Autolux & Delta Spirit.

I’m about as heartbroken as I’ve ever been (and man, that is some serious heartbreak) about Indie 103.1’s demise, but, well, I still have these tickets to give away. I’m too bummed to get all huckstery and clever to sell ’em, so really, if you want ’em, just leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about (R.I.P.) Indie 103.1 and I’ll get back to a few winners.

Autolux with Wooden Ships at the Fonda, 1/17
and we still have tix to The Delta Spirit with Everest at the El Rey, 1/16.

Represent, indie rock lovers.

Win tix to The Delta Spirit with Everest & The Romany Rye 1/16

Kicking off an insanely ambitious US tour, The Delta Spirit start with a show at the El Rey this Friday. Dig their jangly, alt-country-inflected indie pop? Or maybe you’re a fan of Everest‘s Elliot Smith-meets-Neil Young thang. Or both. Either way you can check ’em out by telling me your biggest classic Americana influence. The Byrds? The Burritos? Let a girl know.

Wanna try to buy tickets (I expect this show to sell out by the day of the event)? Go here for more info.

Win tix to X, Cracker and the New York Dolls at Club Nokia on the 20th!

This Saturday one of my favorite bands, one of LA’s most iconic bands, and one of the most important bands in music history play downtown at the disturbingly-sparkly LA Live complex at the newly opened Club Nokia. I was down there for the Oasis show the other week and they’d just lit all the holiday lights and while it was very pretty and a raver wonderland with all the blinky “icicles” on the trees, it was also strangely devoid of public seating like benches and such. Hmm.

But I digress. I’ve loved Cracker since I first heard them in my sophomore year of high school. X really captures so much of the spirit of this city, and I found them around the same time. It was actually significantly longer before I heard of the New York Dolls (my music education began in earnest around my junior year, and I didn’t discover classic proto-punk until college…very sad).

So, this show should kick ass. If you can weave a little yarn, tell me a good story in the comments below–about your discovery of either of the bands, when it was, and how it made you feel (think of me as your music therapist)–well, we’ll pick a few winners to go to the show, where you can stand around a lot outside and watch the blinky lights before you go in.

Win Tix to People Under the Stairs at the El Rey 12/19, Friday!

Local cutups-made-good the charming People Under the Stairs (yes, charming–they’re funny and put on a fun show) bring their kicka** brand of underground hip-hop to the El Rey this Friday and you should go see ’em. If you haven’t heard them, go here to listen to a few tracks. They jokingly refer to themselves as “Fun DMC” and it’s a great way to describe their sound–they’ve got a little Tribe Called Quest, a little Jurassic Five…good times. Wanna go? We have free tickets for you. Just tell me your favorite classic hip-hop cut in the comments below & we’ll choose a few lucky winners to go party at the show. woot!

Wanna buy tix instead, oh ye of little faith? Here you go.

Win tix to Mercury Rev & Imaad Wasif @ the El Rey Tuesday 12/16!

VK Red Duvivier
photo credit: VK Red Duvivier

Yep, we’ve got tickets and you haven’t seen Mercury Rev in FOREVER, have you? Nope. To win tickets, tell me your favorite song by the band and why you love it so much, whether it’s because you kissed your now-spouse to the bridge of “Nite and Fog” or you love the strings section in a particular track; we’ll randomly pick a few winners to go to the show. Also, I’ve had trouble with winners actually getting back to me in time to get their names on the list, so if you enter please leave your real email addy in the comment form and check your inbox regularly to see if I’ve gotten back to you.

Wanna buy tix? You can here.

Win Tix to The Aquabats, Suburban Legends, Dusty Rhodes & more Friday @ the Fonda

I love when bands perform in costume. To me, it makes it clear: they’re there to entertain you, not to exorcise their own creative demons or live out their high art. And I appreciate that. Not to say a lot of great performances don’t come from people who make music for themselves and no one else, but I often find the most entertaining shows come from people who do it for the kids. And I can’t think of anything that could motivate a band to don a goofball costume for fourteen years more than The Kids.

This show will rock, and not only because of the Aquabats. You’ll also get to rawk out with your ‘hawk out to Suburban Legends, Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, and DJ Lance.

To win tix, you must either provide a link, in the comments, to yourself wearing a silly costume, like this, or to a suitably silly stand-in, like this. A few random winners will be chosen to go party at the Fonda this Friday. Costume optional. But if you ask me, it’s highly encouraged.

Win In Flames, All That Remains & Gojira tickets–11/22

Hooray for Swedish death metal! Swedish death metal saved my life. Swedish death metal made me a sandwich. Swedish death metal loves you long time. Swedish death metal did too much blow in the 70s. Swedish death metal likes mac’n’cheese. Swedish death metal your mom. Actually, I just like saying “Swedish death metal.”

Seminal (heh) “melodic death metal” pioneers In Flames play at the Club Nokia this Saturday and you can win tickets. Just enter what you think is the funniest death metal band name you can think of, and we’ll select some winners with the funniest entries!

If you’d rather buy your tickets and not think up funny names, go here.

Win Tix to Medeski Martin & Wood on 11/21

Attention all brainy music geeks. MM&W will be annoying the hell out of short-attention-spanned folks like me on Friday at the El Rey. I frankly find the division between Friday’s Kraak & Smaak show & the MM&W gig fascinating.

Wanna go? Explain in the comments why you love Medeski, Martin & Wood so so so much. Winners will be chosen based on how much of a fanboy (or fangirl) you appear to be.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Win tix to Kaiser Chiefs…or Copeland!

los chiefs de kaiser
los chiefs de kaiser

Ayup, they’re BOTH playing tomorrow night so you’ll have to choo-choo-choose! Kaiser Chiefs play with Hockey at the Fonda and Copeland plays with Lovedrug, Lydia & Lights at the El Rey. Both shows should be fantastic. I’d go if I wasn’t still exhausted from working at Bats Day (report forthcoming). Because I’m exhausted & very very busy (yay Monday!) I’m going to ask you hopeful winners to leave a comment stating which show you’d like to go to & tell me what you were for Halloween (still in the Bats Day mood, you see). We’ll randomly pick a couple folks to go to each show. woop woop!

Win Tix to Ingrid Michaelson @ the El Rey Thursday Nov. 6

The myspace protege & indie chanteuse will entrance yet more fans tomorrow here in LA. She plays with with Newton Faulkner and David Ford @ the El Rey. Wanna win tickets? Tell me how long you’ve been a dedicated fan & how you became one. We’ll pick random winners to get a pair of tickets to the show. FWIW, the gal came into our offices at my supa-corporate work & was extremely sweet, approachable and, well, normal. I say if the democratization-wave the tubes of the Internets has brought to the music industry creates a new, grassroots crop of down-to-earth musicians who aren’t full of themselves and who just deliver great music, then the world will be a better place.

If you don’t wanna chance it to win, and just wanna buy your tickets, you can get them here.

Win Tix to The Notwist at the Fonda on Wednesday!

Before The Postal Service, before Conor Oberst added glitch to his whine, before indie kids nationwide started adding pops and hisses to their tracks, The Notwist morphed their sound from guitar-rock to glitch-poetry, and it created a silent atomic bomb in the indie world. Pitchfork plotzed, party soundtracks got hijacked, and everyone bought Neon Golden.

I never heard it on the radio. I still think Indie had a massive blind spot on that one. OTOH, at that time Indie was owned by Clear Channel and was in an ‘alternative gold’ format, s I guess there wasn’t much chance for The Notwist to get airtime.

After much goofing around & collaborating with other acts, The Notwist has issued their first album in six years, “The Devil, You + Me.” It’s great. It still continues in the vein of Neon Golden, a sound that seems restrained against the current crackle of indie glitch. And I can attest that it’s perfect road trip music.

You couldn’t keep me away from their show this Wednesday with Jel & DJ OddNosdam. And no one should keep you away, either. To win a pair of tickets, comment below and tell me your favorite underappreciated band. We’ll randomly pick a few winners to go to the show! If you’d like to just buy tix, you can go here.

…annnnnd win tickets to Dar Williams & Shawn Mullins at the El Rey!

We’re just chock-full of FREE STUFF lately! In addition to Stereolab, below, I’ve got tickets & cds for Dar Williams’ show at the El Rey tomorrow. This cutie patootie will be onstage with the charming Shawn Mullins. Isn’t she just adorable?! You know you want to go. Enter your favorite silly nickname (“Dar” was Mullins’ sister’s mispronunciation of “Dorothy”) in the comments & if you win we’ll give you tickets & a cd. Info on the show is here.