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Weekend Shuttle Service from Monrovia Gold Line Station to Old Town starts Friday

shutle posterBig news, and something that will liven up Old Town Monrovia with new faces is the for a buck ride on a shuttle from the Gold Line Station in Station Square to Library Park in the heart of Old Town Monrovia.  From there its an easy walk to the Krikorian Theatre, and a boat load of mid to high end restaurants and bars in Old Town.  The shuttle will run Fridays and Saturdays during prime, 5PM-10PM, time evening fun in Old Town.  The Shuttle will be clearly marked and easy to identify.

The shuttle will start at the Round about by the station platforms and Parking garage in Monrovia’s Station Square and end at Library Park about 10 minutes later.  The fare will be one thin buck and FREE if you have a TAP card.  This sure beats walking, especially when summer hits and its 100+ in the evening still.

Also note, barring rain, Friday nights are “Family Festival” nights in Old Town Monrovia from 5PM-9PM.  Family Fesitval is a Farmers market, flea market and stuff for kids like Pony Rides, petting zoo and bounce houses.  Numerous restaurants have sidewalk dining set up, add in a host of food vendors and live music you have a real party going on.

In the future they hope to expand advertising for the community Dial a Ride program to include passengers at Station Square so those evenings you desperately need happy hour during the week you can still get  into Old Town without a hike.

Full Press Release from City Manager Oliver Chi after the Jump. Continue reading Weekend Shuttle Service from Monrovia Gold Line Station to Old Town starts Friday

Gold Line extension opens Saturday March 5

Last fall the Foothill Extension signed over the tracks to Metro and testing began.  Testing is nearly over and the grand opening is set for this saturday. Duarte station is the site of the official ribbon cutting and opening at the midway point between Pasadena and the end at Azusa.  With the ribbon cutting trains start rolling at noon to the new stations in Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte, Irwindale and finally Azusa.

Monrovia plans on making a day of it.   Bands, food tents, craft tents in the area around the train depot known officially as “Station Square”  Their ceremony is set to start at 11AM Saturday with ribbon cutting at 11:30 and first train rolling in at noon.  To ensure the community can get to the fun down at Station Square they will be running a free shuttle from Old Town Monrovia down to the station activities.

Metro to celebrate the day has made the Gold Line a free ride from noon to midnight on Saturday.  This could be your chance to visit the SGV and cities along the route to see what makes them different and special.  Just remember if traveling here from other lines you will need to have your TAP card filled and loaded as those lines will not be free.  Failing to tap your TAP can be a big fine.



Build it and they will ride is the mantra

Dear Goldline, not necessarily so…

There is a video out there that  underscores a big concern for many in my little corner of L.A as the Gold Line slowly extends our way. The video isn’t available for distribution or sharing.  You can google and view it “Dear Gold Line Station”.

How will we get there and will there be enough parking is a problem many of us see.   The general plans have been down for years.  Some folks are now awakening to the problems and trying to change them while there is still time.  Is it too late to fix?

Aside from this, it really bugs me that the Gold Line has its own construction authority that is constantly trying to “sell” us on the idea that its a good thing.  They even have a troll that scans the news and blogs looking for anything negative on the Gold Line to brow beat them down refuting it all.

Gold Line Gets A Boost

Photo courtesy of Metro Library and Archive.
Photo courtesy of Metro Library and Archive.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced today that the Metro Gold Line will receive $66.7 million in funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The funds will be used for the Metro Gold Line Eastside Light Rail Extension.

“By getting these funds to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority now, we’re providing a boost that will help this project keep moving forward while jump-starting the economy and putting people back to work,” Secretary LaHood said.

The East Side Extension is six miles of track that will connect the Gold Line at Union Station through Little Tokyo, Boyle Heights, and end in East Los Angeles at the intersection of Atlantic & Pomona Boulevards.

It is worth noting that today’s announcement doesn’t really mean any more money for the Gold Line. In 2004, the Feds agreed to provide $490.7 million of the $898.8 million total project cost. This was to be paid in annual increments through 2010.  The ARRA grant announced today doesn’t increase the federal commitment to the project; it just expedites funds already promised.

While Secretary LaHood was happy to announce the advance on our allowance, he did not mention a specific preference for what the Eastside Extension should be called.

I’m Calling It The Gold Line


By now, you’ve probably heard about Metro’s board giving the new Eastside Gold Line extension two different names. One in English: Edward R. Roybal Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension. The other in Spanish: La Linea de Oro, Edward R. Roybal. Both of which will prove to be a useless political move, as normal human beings will revert to the shorter, easier “Gold Line.”

The fact that Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina has forced this down our throats without any public input from the actual citizens who will have to pay for all of that new signage – twice – has already been hotly debated on sites like Curbed. And while the stupidity of some out-of-touch policitian making such a move will cost us millions in wasteful spending, there is a bigger issue here.

Instead of unifying the unique ethnic enclaves that make up this great city, Los Angeles is segregating them. Isolating them further into their own little pockets by the ever-growing language barrier. And for what purpose?

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Metro’s Runaway Gold Line

Rendering of Possible Alameda Gold Line Station,

in Beautiful Downtown… Azusa???

Metro had another meeting today. They decided to move forward with Westward extensions of the Red & Purple Lines to somewhere, a Downtown Connector, further extension of the Gold Line from East L.A., and the Orange Line train bus to Chatsworth. Super. Start building the damned things already.

Just one question… Why is L.A. still ignoring one of the fastest-growing traffic nightmares in the city?

101-134-210. It’s not code. It’s three major freeways that bridge the gap between the two Valleys. Van Nuys. Sherman Oaks. Studio City. Universal City. Burbank. Glendale. Pasadena. Major job centers. Thousands of motorists playing a daily game of car jockey at 15mph.

Why isn’t the city addressing this region with any sort of urgency? Why aren’t there at least discussions on the table about a Metro Rail link between the San Fernando Valley and the San Gabriel?

I went back to Metro’s Long Range Transportation Plan to see if I missed something when it first came out.

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Metro: Subway to the Sea in 20+ Years

I almost spit out my cough drop when I read an entry by Steve Hymon on yesterday’s Bottleneck Blog:

During the news conference about Measure R’s passage, Metropolitan Transportation Authority chief Roger Snoble said it may now be possible to extend the line to Fairfax Avenue within six or seven years and the line could get to Westwood in 20 years. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa heard that, and super-super-quickly stepped to the mike and promised to be “aggressive” about securing federal dollars to speed that up.

By the time Snoble and the boys finishing tunneling down Wilshire, the Gold Line will have reached Phoenix.

Way to go.

NBC Needs Ventura Boulevard Subway

There is growing opposition to the NBC West Coast Headquarters project planned for the lot above Metro’s Universal Station. Some say it will be too big and create a traffic nightmare. That is why NBC needs to push for expanding rail transit in the Valley. Rail that goes in more directions, to more places.

That is why NBC needs to push for a Ventura Boulevard subway.

Just last year, both Tom LaBonge and Zev Yaroslavsky started to complain that this project was too big for Universal/Studio City/North Hollywood or whatever city your post office calls the area. They claim that this quaint little neighborhood of amusement parks, freeway interchanges and car dealerships cannot withstand such a massive development. It will be traffic hell. Continue reading NBC Needs Ventura Boulevard Subway