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Gavin Newsom to Visit the Valley

gavSan Francisco Mayor and California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom will be visiting the San Fernando Valley next week for a Conversation about California’s Future.

Every day, it seems, we read about more bad news coming from Sacramento.

We read about cuts to schools, cuts to colleges and universities, cuts to health care, cuts to transportation projects, cuts and more cuts. But what we don’t see is any sustained attempt to cut out the politics and replace it with the kind of bold and honest leadership we need in Sacramento at this moment of crisis.

That’s why I am inviting you to join me on Wednesday, July 15 for a conversation about how we can all participate in the struggle to get California back on track.

Don’t you kind of wish this guy could be Governor and the Mayor of Los Angeles at the same time?

For RSVP info. and map to the Town Hall, go here.

Los Angeles to Gavin Newsom: Get Off My Lawn?

img_0490I received an email from “Gavin Newsom for a better California,” announcing that Newsom will hold a “Los Angeles area conversation about California’s future” on March 17 at Santa Monica High SchoolNewsom’s website labels the event a “Town Hall.”  The email states: “[i]t’s time to have an honest conversation about how to get our troubled state back on track.”  However, neither piece mentions the word “Governor.”  Rather, the bottom of the email reads “Paid for by Newsom for California Exploratory Committee.”  At the same time, the “Contribute” button, complete with dollar sign, is plenty prominent on Newsom’s website. 

Now, I know that it is common for candidates for statewide or national office to form exploratory committees before formally announcing their candidacy, and then to travel around the state having “conversations” and “listening tours.”  Presumably, Newsom would say that it is premature to formally announce his candidacy for an election occurring more than 18 months from now.    But that then begs the question of whether it isn’t also premature for us to meet with Newsom in Santa Monica just a few weeks from now.  Is Newsom being too cute? If he is not an official candidate for Governor, and, presumably, would not answer questions with “as Governor, I would …,” then should Los Angeles tell Newsom to Get Off Our Lawn?