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$4.44 a gallon? Seriously?

I filled up my little 2 door Ford Focus this morning and my jaw dropped when the bill was over $40. I haven’t driven very much since I got back to LA so it was quite a shock and I’m sure most of you already knew this but I tend to lead a very sheltered life ;-) So as soon as I got home I went for a bike ride since I can guarantee I’ll be doing a lot more of that until prices come down but I also went on the hunt for a price finder. Low and behold on the first try I found losangelesgasprices.com which is basically a sub-site of gasbuddy.com which tracks gas prices nation wide. They’ve got a free mobile app so you can check out the cheapest gas prices while you’re out and about. I just tried it and if I’d have had it this morning I could have saved about $5. So if you’re a commuter with a mobile phone (that’s roughly 99.999% of LA) go get this thing. It’s free and it’ll save you a bunch of dough.

ICME: Obscenely High Gas Prices

Sigh.  From the very handy but depressing GasBuddy, gas prices are above the $3.50 mark all over the city, and some poor motorists in North Hollywood are seeing $4.00 a gallon.  The LA Times blames the rising prices on “unrest” in the Middle East, but exporting the blame is too easy. Politicians haven’t really followed through on vague promises to reduce dependence on foreign oil; we like big cars; and someone (not Ed Begley, Jr.) killed the electric car.  Public transportation, anyone?

Los Angeles Gasoline Prices: Up or Down?

This Chevron station at the corner of Lincoln and Venice had two different sets of prices posted today. One set listed premium at $2.00 ($1.99.9 is two dollars, not a dollar ninety-nine, to the non-impressionable among us). The other sign listed premium at $2.04. A station employee was standing under the sign with the cheaper prices. My guess is that he was about to raise the posted prices above him, as opposed to having just finished lowering them. Gasoline prices may have fallen around the country this past week, but we’re talking about the West Side of Los Angeles, where I am seeing them back on the upswing.