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Someone bail me out of a design crime?

Years ago we bought a corner hutch that has to go for a variety of reasons.  Primary is its ugly and doesn’t fit with our current style.  We’ve looked all over for a suitable cabinet, bookshelf or table to put there and have had no luck.  Putting in plant material doesn’ interest us for that corner.  We’ve been all over in furniture stores in the SGV and even went out as far as Ontario looking and found NOTHING.

I am looking for a furniture/cabinet maker that can make a simple 4 legged round table about 4 feet tall to put into the corner.  It would need to have the feel of  something like the 40’s modern look-clean lines no ornamentation.  We’d want it in a dark wood color.  It would not be big as the corner is 2 foot by 2 foot.  Does anyone have anyone they can recommend for such a job? If so leave me a note and I’ll get back to you for their contact info or have them contact me direct at frazgo at mail dot com.  Thanks in advance for your help.

No ordinary garage/estate sale

Handcarved bone (not ivory!) and utterly beautiful
Handcarved bone (not ivory!) and utterly beautiful

No sir, even for Silver Lake this is more than your regular estate sale.

I’ve seen this stuff in person and it’s worth the drive. Stuff in every price range. Book shelves galore, antique furniture (some of it authentic prized Tibetan treasures), lamps, mirrors, collectibles, ceremonial masks from around the world – heck you’d better check it out yourself.

Craigslist ads here and here with more info and great pictures.

Today only, 830am – 6pm
3350 Wood Terrace @ Griffith Park Blvd.
More info: (323) 660-8622