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Cheap Eats Alert: Casa

Casa, a brand-new upscale Mexican restaurant, opened on the 6th. A little birdie told me that this Saturday is the opening party, including such items as “cheap or free drinks, some fancy Mexican hors d’ouevres…and my charming personality.” So if you’d like to mooch some cheap/free eats a la myopenbar.com and enjoy my friend’s charming personality, this may be a destination to add in on your nightly cruise in search of Two-Buck-Chuck and Gelson’s cheese plates. The restaurant looks pretty cool too. Tip: friend arrives after 8pm. I’m just sayin’.

Win tix to X, Cracker and the New York Dolls at Club Nokia on the 20th!

This Saturday one of my favorite bands, one of LA’s most iconic bands, and one of the most important bands in music history play downtown at the disturbingly-sparkly LA Live complex at the newly opened Club Nokia. I was down there for the Oasis show the other week and they’d just lit all the holiday lights and while it was very pretty and a raver wonderland with all the blinky “icicles” on the trees, it was also strangely devoid of public seating like benches and such. Hmm.

But I digress. I’ve loved Cracker since I first heard them in my sophomore year of high school. X really captures so much of the spirit of this city, and I found them around the same time. It was actually significantly longer before I heard of the New York Dolls (my music education began in earnest around my junior year, and I didn’t discover classic proto-punk until college…very sad).

So, this show should kick ass. If you can weave a little yarn, tell me a good story in the comments below–about your discovery of either of the bands, when it was, and how it made you feel (think of me as your music therapist)–well, we’ll pick a few winners to go to the show, where you can stand around a lot outside and watch the blinky lights before you go in.

Win Tix to People Under the Stairs at the El Rey 12/19, Friday!

Local cutups-made-good the charming People Under the Stairs (yes, charming–they’re funny and put on a fun show) bring their kicka** brand of underground hip-hop to the El Rey this Friday and you should go see ’em. If you haven’t heard them, go here to listen to a few tracks. They jokingly refer to themselves as “Fun DMC” and it’s a great way to describe their sound–they’ve got a little Tribe Called Quest, a little Jurassic Five…good times. Wanna go? We have free tickets for you. Just tell me your favorite classic hip-hop cut in the comments below & we’ll choose a few lucky winners to go party at the show. woot!

Wanna buy tix instead, oh ye of little faith? Here you go.

Win Tickets to Kaiju Big Battel, aka The Greatest Thing EVER

This Thursday, the world lies in the balance. The conflict? Kaiju Big Battel. This is the weirdest and most HAWESOME thing to happen at the El Rey since the drummer from the Dismemberment Plan gave my friend Spork & I free tickets to their show in 2001.

Ok, it’s cooler than that because YOU can get tickets. But what, you ask, is Kaiju Big Battel?

It’s a combination of the crowd-screaming-and-laughing-for-blood-o-rama that is Mexican Wrestling PLUS the unintentional hilarity and camp factor of Japanese monster flicks–think Godzilla in the ring with Mothra, egging on a hysterical crowd, executing an EPIC throwdown!  Kaiju Big Battel has about 30 different monsters, each with hilarious, non-sequitur backstories, that compete in the ring like gladiators.

Not to mention the musical acts that go along with the monster parade: Busdriver contributes brilliant flow and the sexy ladies of Rocktapussy deliver their dancey electro in order to keep the ring of combat bumpin’.

See what Kaiju Big Battel is like here, in all its inspired & bizarro glory.

To win tickets, read the backstories of the Kaiju Big Battel monsters here. Now, make up your own monster with its own special origin story! Tell me the story in the comments and we’ll choose some very lucky winners to go to this show.