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Redondo Beach Man reunited with his 1965 Chevy SS

File this under found on road alive.  A Redondo Beach man bought the car new in 1964 and had it for 20 years before he sold it. His sons went upon the quest to find the car and return it to him. The quest led across the country where they finally found the car on a lot in Canada. They bought it and returned it to him as a gift.

In the land that rust forgot what old car from your past would you like to have back?  For me its a mixed bag but the one I regret selling the most that I’d love to have back is my old ’72 Centurion which took us on many a road trip to the beach and shows all over the L.A. area.

Found on Road Alive:1930 Ford

1930 Ford Model A
1930 Ford Model A

It always amazes me the old cars that get used around here.  This sure is a nice 1930 Ford Model A but its not your typical trailer queen this driver actually pops up around town every now and then just being driven and enjoyed.  I spotted it yesterday afternoon at the Celebrate the Arts here in Monrovia (an art festival I participate in every year at this time).  They owner just popped into Library Park to check out the art exhibits leaving it unattended to draw a crowd all on its own.

Found on Road Alive:flamed 1951 Ford F-1 pick ’em up.

1951 Ford F-1
1951 Ford F-1

I spotted this largely untouched survivor the other night whilst checking out a local Art Bear (post to follow).  This gem was “flamed” with a can of krylon for a blessing of the cars some 20 years ago, its been allowed to just gain a patina of age all on its own.  The owner debates whether to allow it to continue to gather patina or give it a fancy paint job.  If he does the latter he fears that he’ll be afraid to drive it and chance being in an accident.

Pic by me and it does get bigger with a click.

Found on Road Alive: 1975 Thunderbird

LA is the land that rust forgot.  Back in the day the air was bad enough to rot the rubber and vinyl off a car, but the rust never got to it and this 1975 ‘Bird illustrates it well.

I spotted this running example of the biggest T-bird ever built over this last weekend.  Powered by a huge 460 (7.5L) V8 and weighed in at over 5,000 lbs, gulping unleaded at a rate that was single digits at best and still sold wellish until the cost of gas started spiking to near a buck a gallon.  It was Fords biggest and best luxury offering in its time.  Subsequent generations of the T-bird shrunk in size with the last generation being the closest to the original 2 seater when the line was launched in 1955.

Pics by me with the ever present cell phone.

Found on Road Alive : MG MGB GT named “freckles”

I spotted this well used 1966 MG MGB GT in Arcadia this morning.  The Union 76 service station at Foothill moved it around so I could get my wife’s car smogged.  Wow…what a surprise to see that lovely old relic of the British auto industry be pulled out.  To learn more about “freckles” you will need to make the jump.

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