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Do Food Trucks Hide Eggs?

Zombie Jesus Day
He *un*died for your sins...

For those of us who aren’t necessarily sold on the idea that the King of the Jews rose from the dead in fulfillment of scripture one Sunday morning a couple thousand years ago, this upcoming weekend is little more than a nice time to celebrate Spring. When I was back in the Midwest this was really something meaningful, as the cold, snowy, wet season often seemed to last nearly half the year. Hell, most years it was probably something more like three and a half or maybe four months, but something about that kind of cold also seems to slow down time a little bit. Easter, then, was really a time for some rejoicing. With the bizarre weather patterns we’ve been experiencing this year in LA, unfortunately Easter may just be about little more than the resurrection of a crucified hippie.

But thankfully for us, we have something the son of God didn’t have: vehicles that periodically bring some of your favorite food selections to your neighborhood for easy access. (And no, all of my posts are not going to be about food trucks; I just happen to be excited about any opportunity to check them out in my ‘hood.) To that end, this Saturday there will be a small gathering of food trucks in North Hollywood, at The Other Door bar, complete with “kid-friendly games, coloring contests, a special DJ and prizes! Of course, lots of Easter libations that are big-kid friendly too!”

As specified on the Nom Nom Truck’s site, here are the details:

12:00PM – 3:00PM
10437 Burbank Blvd,
North Hollywood CA 91601

As an aside, while I’m really stoked to see that one of my very favorites the Frysmith truck will be there, I’m slightly irritated by the existence of the Phydough truck. This is probably only because I saw the word “dough” in the name and got my hopes up that it might be a dessert truck of some type. But no, it’s a food truck for dogs. (Yes, I can be a little slow on the uptake; “Phydough” ~ “Fido” – whatever, I knew that.) Seriously – more space for pet food means less space for people food, am I right? Does your dog even care that its snack came off a truck?? </rant>

Takosher Nosh: A Full Report

As previously reported by the awesome and totally dateable Travis, the Takosher Truck is now making the rounds at lunch time in LA. I’ve been following them on twitter (@takosher) since that first post and today serendipity was on my side. A friend called at 11 to see if we could switch our lunch plans from Friday to today. Having just been checking the map to see how close the Takosher truck was, I asked her if she’d be interested in trying the new food truck, she said yes and we did!

On Pico near Doheny we found the truck in all its blue and white glory, parked near their Kosher meat supply and a Lexus mechanic. Fortunately, the garage had this handy wall just at the perfect height for lunching and chatting.

I ordered the 3 taco special to try the Brisketaco, the Latketaco and the Fujitas. With my tacos I got chips, a shredded carrot and (I think) jicima salad and a drink all for $11. My friend got the two taco combo for $9. (She ordered the same as mine but without the Brisketaco.)

Order Up!

In the above right photo (click for much bigger) you can see the Brisketaco (top left), the Fujitas (bottom center) and the Latketaco (top right). I started with the Latketaco and found it a bit bland and kinda odd to eat in a tortilla for some reason, like the corn flavor didn’t really go with the fried latke flavor. The menu describes it as “A combination of three types of potato, cilantro, onions and roasted chipotle chiles” but I could only taste potato. And we only found a lot of cinnamon, not enough heat or much of anything else in the “sweet and spicy apple jalapeño chutney.”

Moving on to the Brisketaco, again, a bit bland. The meat was tender, but not well spiced. Even the onions (seen clearly in the photo) seem to have not a lot of flavor. Lastly was the Fujitas taco which we both liked very much. There was texture and spice and heat. It was a good way to end the trio. The chips were chips and the little carrot salad was crunchy and refreshing. Beverages were all Dr. Brown’s flavors in bottles as this is a fully kosher truck. (Did you know they were owned by Pepsi?)

While I was not blown away, I am curious to try the other tacos on the menu and I would have the Fujitas tacos again in a heartbeat. I hope as they get going they get some heat and spice back into the other tacos.  I would recommend them, so if you see the truck, give them a go.

My lunch date, Debra!

Mazel Tov! (Okay okay, I’m not Jewish.)

Takosher Truck website.

My Saturday in the Patty Wagon

One of the ubiquitous gourmet food trucks to hit the LA streets recently is Patty Wagon, which boasts sustainable, 100% grass fed beef hamburgers and hand cut fries made from organic potatoes. This past Saturday, I found them parked across the street from the Silver Lake Farmer’s Market and decided to check out the hype.

From across the noisy Saturday traffic on Sunset Blvd., I could hear early R&B music being piped from the truck, bands like The Ink Spots and other Decca favorites. Speaking of The Ink Spots, Tennessee Williams said that he listened to The Ink Spots’ tune, “If I Didn’t Care” over and over while he penned “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Anyway, back to the Patty Wagon. As I crossed the street, the music put me in the mood for a good old timey hamburger, the kind you imagine they served in a 1940’s, small town diner. However, Patty Wagon may have an old-fashioned look and sound, but their menu is quite modern. They don’t serve Continue reading My Saturday in the Patty Wagon

Butter Me, Baby

Buttermilk Truck's Red Velvet Cupcakes
Buttermilk Truck's Red Velvet Cupcakes

With the explosion of specialty food trucks on the LA food scene over the past year or so, fueled in part by the immense popularity of Kogi BBQ, the undisputed monarch of motorized food purveyors, announcements of new food trucks were becoming somewhat noisy and commonplace. Sipping a cocktail at a bar one night, I overheard a couple gush about The Grilled Cheese Truck. Getting a pedicure, I witnessed the entire staff at the nail salon go nuts over the Nom Nom Truck. Just as I my inner cynic began to roll her eyes and slap a jumped shark sticker on the bumper of the food truck craze, someone said two magical words that snapped me right out of it, like a plunge into an ice cold bath.

“Buttermilk Truck.” I could almost smell the warm vanilla in the air when I heard those words.

Buttermilk Truck, scheduled to launch this Wednesday, November 11 at The Brig in Venice, is a “breakfast diner on wheels,” boasting chicken and cinnamon waffles, red velvet cupcakes, Hawaiian bread breakfast sliders and more. They make their pastries from scratch and even offer a late night menu – because we all know the best time to have breakfast is before the sun rises.

Hawaiian Bread Breakfast Sliders
Hawaiian Bread Breakfast Sliders

Like many of LA’s nouveau gourmet food trucks, you can follow Buttermilk Truck on twitter to keep up with where they are going to park their truck next. Also, LAist has compiled a rather comprehensive twitter list of just about every food truck in town. <——– Just click there to access the list.

I may not be able to make it to Buttermilk Truck’s launch this Wednesday, but you can guarantee that I will be the first in line when they drop by Silver Lake.

For more information on Buttermilk Truck and to check out their complete menu, visit them at http://buttermilktruck.com/.