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Villa Sombrero in Highland Park Reincarnated!

Those of you who knew & loved Villa Sombrero, in Highland Park, mourned its passing a few months back when it shut its doors on those sombrero-sized margaritas forever.

But despair not! My friend, often when we lose a loved one, what we don’t realize is we only lose the shell of that individual. We lose that small representation of them, yes, but what we do not realize is that they are actually restored to us, a greater version of what they were before. And, my friends, such is the case with our beloved Villa Sombrero.

Eagle Rock Talk discovers this:

“Villa Sombrero, the classic Highland Park Mexican restaurant with the supersize margaritas on York shut its doors over the summer. The original owner, Felipe Nunez – who sold the name and business, but not the property twenty years ago – has reclaimed the space and is opening his own restaurant – Felipe’s. He’ll be bringing back some specialties from the original menu, which was more of a continental, upscale Latin cuisine. Dishes will include swordfish, scallops, lobster, chicken mole, and grilled steak.”

Hallelujia! Praise the Lard!