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Freeways and Khakis: Adventures of the Los Angeles Urban Rangers

The LA Urban Rangers–a collective of artists, city boosters, history buffs, writers and other La City Nerd-types is hosting a salon at Farmlab a week from this Saturday. I’m planning on going.

So what will the salon entail? Chats about their past projects such as weekly field-trip-style tours of the LA County Fair, hosting workshops at architect/urban homesteading artist Fritz Haeg at his Sundown Schoolhouse, a guided tour of Hollywood Boulevard’s flora & fauna, and more neat stuff. Plus a bit about their new urban safari series that explores our local beaches. By approaching their subject matter with the scientific distance and nerdy enthusiasm of your average park ranger, they pull focus back from our usual myopic assessments of our local points-of-interest and help us to view it from a new, more holistic perspective. Which is cool. Drop me a comment if I should look for you there.