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“FUN”-goria’s Weekend of Horrors! (Part 2)

Hello friends! In Part 1 of our Fangoria Weekend of Horrors! adventure, we waded through enormous crowds, recycled wisely and saw at least enough cult icons to play four-on-four on a half-court.

Just as our ongoing expedition up the mountain of good times was about to reach it’s peak, we caught a snag that sent us plummeting hard and fast, matched only by the graceful nose-dive Mr. William Shatner performed in the opening scene of Star Trek V.

Read on to see the true horror revealed and limits Mark and Steve are prepared to test in their ceaseless pursuit of a truly magnificent Sunday.

Warning, do not click if bugs, sudden changes in scenery or grown men holding hands terrify you.

Click here for the exciting continuation of our gripping 3 part adventure!

Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors convention, this weekend!

To all you LA Horror fans out there in “blog-read-land”, Fangoria magazine will be hosting their yearly Weekend of Horrors convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center. If you’ve never been, get ready for an overload of Horror, and Sci-Fi goodies, as well as a plethora of panels and signings with some of the greatest Horror masterminds of our time! Some of the guests on schedule to appear:

  • George Romero Director and creator of the original Night of the Living dead series
  • Joe Dante (Personal favorite)Director of Gremlins, Explorers, Innerspace, and The ‘Burbs
  • Clive Barker Creator of the Hellraiser series

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