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The Saddest Minivan Ever

Walking back to the car from the Silent Movie Theater/Cinefamily Friday night after a midnight showing of RAMMBOCK (a strangely pacifistic German zombie movie that’s almost a chick flick except for the brain-eating), we passed this sort of amazing example of tagging. I don’t know whose van this is–it was parked on Fairfax right around Melrose–but it’s such a sad sight I couldn’t even muster up any schadenfreude. I want to believe this is the product of a bad break-up or a debt unpaid or even a psycho roommate. To have this just happen randomly while you’re out to dinner somehow seems even worse. So I’m sending a shout out to you, Loser-Mobile Dude; whoever you are, I feel for you.

Shaky Alibi Waffles Like You’ve Never Had Before

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There are so many reasons why I need to let you know about Shaky Alibi. Perhaps most signficantly, they have perfected the sweet/savory balance. I always have this brunch dilemma at restaurants. I often think this, above all other unmet needs, will drive me back into a serious romantic relationship: if I had a boyfriend, I could order the cinnamon apple French toast and he could order the Greek omelet and we could go halvsies. Sigh. But now, Shaky Alibi has saved me from propelling myself into yet another ill advised coupling just to avoid making up my mind about what to order for breakfast. They specialize in Belgian waffles, and by “Belgian waffles,” I mean that Mr. Shaky Alibi’s German great grandmother used to make an authentic Liege recipe that has inspired the opening of this coffee/waffle haven on Beverly Boulevard’s.

I read about the place on Urban Daddy a while back but only recently got a chance to go there. What hooked me in the review was the fact that the espresso is infused with tobacco and chocolate notes. I should have gotten a photo of the machine when I was there but I didn’t (I was too overwhelmed with the waffle), so you’ll have to trust me when I say it’s a thing of beauty–orange with lots of chrome. The espresso is delicious, so much so that I couldn’t even bring myself to try the shots of liquid chocolate. Let me say that again in case you weren’t paying attention: shots of liquid chocolate. Fuck yeah. [An aside: with all due respect to Urban Daddy, here are two differences between a blogging.la review and an Urban Daddy review. First, we say “fuck yeah” when we really like something (well, at least some of us do). And second, while Urban Daddy says you can meet up here “before catching Inception at the Grove,” I’d suggest it’s equally well located for a pre-Tapeheads screening at the New Beverly get together, except that Shaky Alibi closes too early–5pm Sunday and Monday, 7pm Tuesday through Thursday, 11pm Friday and Saturday.]

Yes, I came for the espresso, but I stayed for the waffle. Just cast your eyes on that beauty. It was delicious–a funnel cake-beignet-ish waffle sliced in half and filled with black forest ham and fontina cheese. This is what happens to a Monte Cristo when it grows up and goes to finishing school. Plus the place itself is well appointed and has cute and friendly servers. What more could you want? So now, in a three block stretch of Beverly, there is Susina Bakery, Milk, and Shaky Alibi. I’m calling it LA’s newest dessert row. Next time I’m committed to getting at least one shot of drinking chocolate.

Sunday 9am-5pm
Monday 8am-5pm
Tue-Thurs 8am-7pm
Fri-Sat 8am-11pm