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BMW Loans i3 EV to Los Angeles Police Department for Evaluation

A detective loses his Dodge Patrol car with a hemi and cries…

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck announce a year long test of a BMW i3 electric vehicle at a City of Los Angeles press conference in Los Angeles, Sept. 11, 2015. Photo by Danny Moloshok/Newscast
Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck announce a year long test of a BMW i3 electric vehicle at a City of Los Angeles press conference in Los Angeles, Sept. 11, 2015. Photo by Danny Moloshok/Newscast courtesy BMW PR

I could add a few more snarks, but bottom line a few electric cars in the LAPD make sense in the right applications.  No I can’t imagine them used in a high speed pursuit, but contrary to local TV that is not a constant occurrence.  There’s plenty of things they do that involves just slogging around town and idling in traffic that an electric car and its zero emissions at the tail pipe make sense.  Detectives cold calling witnesses and victims on follow up doesn’t need speed nor lights flaring.  Parking meter slugs idling around town issuing tickets is another area that kinda makes sense.

Regardless of what you think of the EV, they make sense in some applications and if we can save some gas money swapped for electrons cheaper off the grid to power these little beasts its better for the cities bottom line.

Personally, I like the BMW i3,  Drives very much like what you expect from BMW, with its aggressive regeneratvie braking systems a quick lift of the throttle feels more like downshifting a gasser than just idle coasting.  My full review from a few years ago HERE that included an interview with the BMW i project manager.

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How to Get Reimbursed for Damages Caused by a Pothole (Maybe)

Last night, KTLA had a news story about potholes.  Councilman Eric Garcetti has resolved to fix as many potholes in what is called Operation Pothole of 2011 (like any unresolved war, this is not the first time extra troops are being deployed.  In 2005’s Operation Pothole, 80,172 potholes were filled during a 14-week period (curious about that number?  So was LA Observed.)).  In anticipation of Op. Pothole 2011, the city is asking you, dear residents, to call 311 with information about your unfriendly neighborhood pothole.  You also can submit the information online here.  On January 8 and 9, the city will devote a few street maintenance crews to fill ’em up.

Good, yes, but that’s not what piqued my interest.  According to KTLA, if your vehicle sustains damage as result of hitting a pothole, you can file a claim with the city to get the cost of that repair reimbursed.  Sounds too good to be true, I thought, and it sort of is: because the city is responsible to maintaining our roads, it can be held liable for damages to personal property due to things like potholes.  However, as the Daily News pointed out earlier this year, the city must have been aware of the pothole and be given a reasonable amount of time to fix it.  The city’s Resurfacing and Reconstruction Division states that it typically responds to pothole repair requests with 24 hours; if there was a recent rainstorm (i.e., Rainpocalypse 2010), it may take longer for them to respond to the repair request.  So, if the city was not aware/claims it was not aware of the pothole before you hit it, you and your rims are SOL.

So, how do you know if the city was aware of the pothole problem and didn’t fix it within a reasonable amount of time?  No one I talked to seemed to know the answer to that question.  If I were your lawyer (and I’m not), I would suggest that you try to get a log of repair requests via a subpoena or a Public Records Act request.  File a claim with the city first, though; if they deny it, give it your all at small claims.  The claim form is here (links to a PDF).  Operation Pothole, here you come.

Griffith Park Clubhouse Now Rockin’ the Caddyshack

clubhouse.jpgMy friend Andrew Pogany, senior editor and chief LA-booster over at Flaunt, is presiding over yet another fantastic event (after curating LA-cultural-stuff affairs at Taix for some time (at one event, Eric Garcetti read an abridged early history of Los Angeles, and, if memory serves, sang a little song)). Now, “Twilight Drinks at the Griffith Park Clubhouse” takes over the historic, FDR-sponsored Spanish revival lounge and supper/brunch joint–and its gorgeous views of the Park’s golf course–every Wednesday night this summer, from 7:30p-11p. All this, and special prizes go to those in the best Caddyshack costume! The fine, fine film itself will be screened weekly on the outdoor patio. So, we’ve got that goin’ for us…which is nice.

Barbeque burgers, veggie burgers, grilled hot dogs & mac & cheese are on the menu, ranging from $6-$10. Full bar with drinks ranging from $4-$10 and beers on tap. Feel free to dress as your favorite Caddyshack character; however no golf attire will be required.*

The info on the event follows behind the jump.

* I love that they decided this was necessary to add

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