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Bums to throw out first: Reyes, Alarcon and Villaraigosa

My approach to politics has always been, “If you don’t like what’s going on in your government, THROW THE BUMS OUT.”

Sure, it’s simplistic and may not be ultra-effective, but a big part of why our entire government is FUBAR is because these jerks get in there, get comfy, get corrupted, get busy SCREWING US, and NEVER LEAVE.

Even without weeks of time to research the individual scumbags (face it, who else wants to get into government?), one very effective tool is still THROW THE BUMS OUT. And if we do it for every election, we’re bound to get a good one. Or a less horrible one. Or at least a different one. (Yes, term limits are the lazy man’s method, but they sometimes take too long to go into effect.)

Don’t care much for those electronic billboards? I did a post about the one in Silver Lake and got lots of complaints about a lot of other ones.

Wanna know who just voted AGAINST banning them?

Richard Alarcon
Tony Cardenas
Bernard Parks
Ed Reyes

Up for re-election: Reyes and Alarcon.

VOTE AGAINST THEM and while you’re at it call their offices and tell them why. This really makes them crazy.

Oh and PLEASE don’t forget the biggest bum of them all: Antonio Villaraigosa – on the job a full ELEVEN PERCENT of the time he’s been in office, and really that was just to get his picture taken.


Little-known fact: Voter turnout for these elections is so alarmingly low that even a few hundred votes can swing an entire election. Let’s keep the momentum from last November – VOTE!