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LA Eastside Rallies Troops, Forms Resistance

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It’s no secret there’s been all sorts of conflict over the division of the Eastside and Westside. The battle is no simple black and white matter, either–numerous factions battle for supremacy. Hipsters rise above their ennui long enough to dub Silver Lake the eastside; Boyle Heights & East LA residents rattle sabers, just DARING the mustachioed tight-pantsed hipsters to cross the LA River; and dopey Santa Monica dwellers in Dockers refuse to even cross Western Avenue. What a mess.

So it is with great amusement that I’ve been following the debate over at LA Eastside, where with the post “Mas Revolucion!” the die-hard Eastside OG blog attempt to rally the TRUE Eastside troops to resist the coming hipster apocalypse. Senor Guerrero, a hat tip to you and your excellent post, which manages to address real LA social issues with wit and humor.

On a tangent, though, I sure wish gentrification would come to Canoga Park. I’d take hipsters any day over gang shootings two blocks over. Hipsters are obnoxious, but rarely deadly (unless rabid), and they do increase my property value. Is it a sign of institutional racism that the well-kept yards and tidy homes of my immediate neighbors–who are working-class Latino families and excellent neighbors–are not enough to raise the property values in the area? Sigh.