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TODAY! Rummage Sale @ Echo Park Film Center

Film reels @ the EPFC by noway
Film reels @ EPFC by noway

For the next few hours you can get some great deals on old film and video gear, while at the same time supporting an important community organization. Today, Echo Park Film Center is holding their annual rummage sale with all proceeds going toward the free filmmaking classes they offer to kids in the neighborhood.

Besides youth classes, EPFC also offers no-cost classes for seniors. Other workshops are very reasonably priced. In addition to media arts education, the film center offers a variety of things from microcinema screenings to equipment rental to digital editing facilities and more.

Echo Park Film Center is a Los Angeles treasure and has much to offer to the city. Why not stop in and see if you can help them out by purchasing something they’ve cleared from the closets? If you aren’t in the market for some used film gear, there are other ways to get involved.

The rummage sale runs until 5pm today. I have it on good authority that you can get some really good deals today and that there is still plenty of equipment available.

Echo Park Film Center is located at 1200 N. Alvarado Street @ Sunset Blvd, next to Machine Project.

It’s A Wonderful Life, the 1967 Echo park Xmas parade on Super-8, & Doug Harvey’s Moldy Slides!

It’s that time of the year again! Time to drag out the classics. From the Echo Park Film Center, whose last date of operation before it closes for the holidays is this Satruday (they won’t re-open until January):

What a wacky and wonderful year it’s been! Join us for EPFC’s last event of 2009… our annual screening of that ol’ holiday classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. Sentimental sobbing encouraged.

Also on the bill, a very rare and special treat: incredible Super 8 footage of the 1967 Echo Park Christmas Parade shot by the one and only Mr. Al Kasselman! Neighborhood history at its finest!

And for those who have been both naughty and nice, a very special presentation of Doug Harvey’s Moldy Slide Show.

The event is free, with eggnog, cookies & reindeer treats in attendance, as well as your lovely visage.

Help save Machine Project! I just donated…so should you!

Today I got some very sad news in my email box from heathervescent. Machine Project was supposed to get a $35k grant this month – but it’s been canceled. For an organization of their size this is a great loss, as they were planning to use the funds for rent and for their their one full time operations manager (who kicks major ass!).

They reached out to their LACMA show volunteers (that’s how Heathervescent found out) to help raise the needed money by donating $50 today. So I am personally asking you – fellow lovers of technology and fans of awesome art–to donate at least $50-100 to Machine Project. They are in my mind, one of the most innovative, unique, awesome, interesting and cool wellsprings of creativity this city has ever seen.

Machine Project hosted the geek dinner last year. They’ve created amazing workshops and hosted wonderful, magical art and creative endeavors. They’re a home for music, robotics, and fractal knitting. They host dorkbot. And they recently took over LACMA doing to the museum what I have always wanted to seen done to a museum.

Please help Machine raise the $35k they need to continue. It’s easy and they have an ASCII Unicorn.

==> Donate now: http://machineproject.com/lacmafriend/
==> Become a Member (ascii unicorn and a lot more):
==> Give a class gift certificate: http://machineproject.com/store/

In case you’re not aware – the FRY-B-Q is today from 8-11pm, and now features pie! Machine will also be screening videos from the LACMA show all night, next door at the Echo Park Film Center.

Please give what you can. Spend the $50+ you would usually spend on coffee and drinks in LA for January and give it to Machine. I promise you’ll achieve enlightenment and all your dreams will come true if you help. I just donated $50. If you can’t afford that much, donate what you can, and help spread the word.