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Do Food Trucks Hide Eggs?

Zombie Jesus Day
He *un*died for your sins...

For those of us who aren’t necessarily sold on the idea that the King of the Jews rose from the dead in fulfillment of scripture one Sunday morning a couple thousand years ago, this upcoming weekend is little more than a nice time to celebrate Spring. When I was back in the Midwest this was really something meaningful, as the cold, snowy, wet season often seemed to last nearly half the year. Hell, most years it was probably something more like three and a half or maybe four months, but something about that kind of cold also seems to slow down time a little bit. Easter, then, was really a time for some rejoicing. With the bizarre weather patterns we’ve been experiencing this year in LA, unfortunately Easter may just be about little more than the resurrection of a crucified hippie.

But thankfully for us, we have something the son of God didn’t have: vehicles that periodically bring some of your favorite food selections to your neighborhood for easy access. (And no, all of my posts are not going to be about food trucks; I just happen to be excited about any opportunity to check them out in my ‘hood.) To that end, this Saturday there will be a small gathering of food trucks in North Hollywood, at The Other Door bar, complete with “kid-friendly games, coloring contests, a special DJ and prizes! Of course, lots of Easter libations that are big-kid friendly too!”

As specified on the Nom Nom Truck’s site, here are the details:

12:00PM – 3:00PM
10437 Burbank Blvd,
North Hollywood CA 91601

As an aside, while I’m really stoked to see that one of my very favorites the Frysmith truck will be there, I’m slightly irritated by the existence of the Phydough truck. This is probably only because I saw the word “dough” in the name and got my hopes up that it might be a dessert truck of some type. But no, it’s a food truck for dogs. (Yes, I can be a little slow on the uptake; “Phydough” ~ “Fido” – whatever, I knew that.) Seriously – more space for pet food means less space for people food, am I right? Does your dog even care that its snack came off a truck?? </rant>

EASTer Meets WESTchester

img_1453This past Sunday afternoon, I went to an Easter gathering in Westchester, attended by a bunch of adults and one lucky five year-old girl. On the ride over, Lincoln Boulevard, Manchester Avenue, and the surrounding local roads were pleasantly empty. The hosts set up an Easter egg hunt for the girl, with at least a dozen hidden eggs. The rest of us egged her on, yar yar, and gave her some helpful hints. The result, as pictured here, took all of about 60 seconds of egg opening to reveal. There were items of candy, figurines (rabbits and Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”), rings, decorative hair accessories, and more. It must be fun to be the only kid at the Easter egg hunt.

No Bunny Buying For Easter!

Photo by Jodi
Photo by Jodi

In spite of the fact that I’ve eaten way more than my fair share of Cadbury Crème Eggs over the past however-long-it’s-been since Easter candy hit the shelves, the holiday itself kind of snuck up on me. Since I don’t really partake in the religious aspect of Easter, for me it means a copious amount of sugar ingestion. Aside from all of the scrumptious sweets, fluffy bunnies and cute baby chicks are everywhere. I’m sure someone is also shopping for the perfect bonnet to wear to church or the annual egg hunt. Unfortunately, others are planning to purchase real live versions of the animals that have become symbolic of this springtime celebration…bunnies.

The idea sounds cute enough, right? An actual Easter Bunny in the basket on Sunday morning. Honestly, no, it doesn’t. Much like the overabundance of giving Dalmation puppies to kids as Christmas gifts after the1996 remake of the film 101 Dalmations, some people think it’s festive to buy live bunnies, in addition to the chocolate ones. Many of those folks don’t understand that this is not a good idea and most of the rabbits given on Easter end up in shelters, much like the spotted pups did.

Two Los Angeles based organizations, Found Animal Foundation and PetSave Foundation have teamed up to provide education about rabbits and what it entails to own one. They also promote adopting as opposed to buying a bunny. Rabbits can, and often do, make wonderful pets. Like with any animal you might decide to bring into your home, a little education first goes a long way in terms of making the lifelong commitment your new four-legged family member deserves.

Click to learn more about rabbits and for the link to the live streaming BUNNY CAM!