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Best. Doughnut. EVAR!

Now in season: best doughnuts in the WORLD!
Now in season: best doughnuts in the WORLD! Click to make bigger and more delicious.

After Lucinda’s Divine Doughnuts earlier in the week, doughnuts were all I could think about. Foremost in my mind was a memory from my childhood; the doughnut which has never been surpassed (and I’ve tried a lot of doughnuts.)

My younger brother was in town for a couple of days this week, so we got on our motorcycles and rode out to the far east San Gabriel Valley. We grew up in Glendora, so it was a bit like going home.

They say you can never go home again, and to a certain extent they’re right. Riding through Glendora had a kind of familiarity to it, but so much had changed that it didn’t really feel like home anymore. One thing hadn’t changed, though, and that was the biggest motivation for our ride.

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