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Silver Lake Meadow is Open, momentarily poop free

Meadow panorama

As Will mentioned this weekend the meadow on the north eastern side of the Silver Lake Reservoir was finally opened to the public. Threats of it’s opening have been floating around for years, so when I confirmed this was legit I scooped up the family and ran over to check it out. The meadow itself is pretty fantastic actually. It’s a wide open and the grass is thick and lush – fun to roll around in and stuff.

For the moment anyway – while there are signs posted at every entrance stating that no dogs are allowed at any point (and the actual dag park is just a few steps away on the southern tip of the reservoir) people are either not noticing them or just outright ignoring them. We were there for about half hour, maybe 45 minutes and during that time there was an endless stream of people and their dogs walking through the meadow. Actually, just a few walking through – most of them were running around in the grass and pooping and peeing and generally dogging the place up. I give it a week or two until all the grass is dead and there are poop lamdmines every 5 feet.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

ICME: Uh Oh, Someone Might Be Mad At Me

My first blog post in the “64 Worst” series was about McMansions vs. People Who Don’t Pick Up Their Dog’s Poop. (Currently the vote is dead even…) I went out to empty my trash and was greeted by this lovely item out my back gate. Hmmmm. Has some disgruntled dog owner figured out where I live?

If you want to get the full impact, just click on over to the other side. (But if you are eating lunch, come back later…)
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